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welcome to wisewomensworld

About 7 years ago we (Gigi and Lana) built this website with the aim of providing a hub and entertaining area for women over 50. 

We have a great time as we live our lives along side you.
We trial of all sorts of interesting and crazy treatments, comment on current topics, share the ups and downs of family situations; have you drooling or laughing over our mad cap adventures;  and interviewed some brilliant 'older' women who will inspire you to get you out of your chairs and embrace life in full.

Join the exploits of our writer, the very funny and wonderful Roslyn Motter.  She takes us to amazing places and endures treatments that some of us would prefer to read about!  

All in all, we hope our website entertains, enlightens and inspires you to live a busy, exciting, fulfilled and fun filled adventure as you head down the years. 

We are here, definitely on your side and welcome your stories and input.  And don't forget to check out our blogs to catch up on what we are doing these days. 

Cheers to you all

Gigi & Lana
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Take a look around wisewomensworld.  You can visit far off lands like China, USA, France, Vietnam or find out about our own Aussie adventures.  

Check our stories on eyesential, creams and potions, waxing, menopause, partners & so much more.  

We would love to hear from you, so send in your stories and let us know what is going on in your life or pass on your pearls of wisdom.

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