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Health and Fitness

Ever wondered if you could live forever. 

Well, maybe not forever, but we could give yourself a flying start by engaging in one thing.  We can infact, improve our lifespan by  exercising.

Wow, I hear you say! 

Honestly, that is all it takes. 

And we older women also have to look at what we eat.  Has your diet changed at this time of your life or are you still hopping into the packets of crisps and yummy cakes. 

The fact is when we get older things slow down, and so does our metabolism.  Ghastly, I know! That cream cake we could burn off in no time flat in our youth is going to stick around for a lot longer these days.  Sad but true.  We have to keep an eye on our intake.

As older women, we really have to think about these two things as though our life depended on it - and by golly they do!!!!

Disease or health afflications are a bane to bear.

Food and fitness are within our control.

Food and fitness can also have a bearing on how our body handles disease and health issues so it should be our number one priority.

Here at Health and Fitness World we talk about all sorts of things.  We have covered a number of diseases such as Macular Degeneration and
Hypoglycemia, looked into incontinenance and bad backs, checked out research issues and health products like Cranberries and Gojo Beans, and so much more.  Just take a look at our side menu to view the list.

But what we really want to encourage you to do, is exercise.  You NEED to keep that beautiful body of yours moving.  You need to massage your internal organs and firm up those muscles on the outside. 

And what you get out of your hard work, focus and control will be a fabulous looking body that functions brilliantly and a bubble and zing as you become more energised.

Now that is really worth fighting for.....

So welcome to Health and Fitness.  Please send in your articles.  Let us know how you are going and what issues you would most like covered.

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