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A Place for Space

Have you ever considered creating your own private space at home?

Liska Turner

We’ve all heard about creating a special place in your mind that you can go to meditate or just escape from everyday pressures. Imagine having a private and tangible space of your own - filled with things that you treasure most. A sacred space, a safe place, where you can take time out to nurture yourself and connect to who you are.

It can be a room, a corner, a cupboard, the garden or even a shed.

When I first heard about this concept I was intrigued and curious to find out more about this innovative women.

I contacted Liska Turner about her company A PLACE FOR SPACE and as we spoke, I was drawn to the possibility of creating my own special space to connect with myself and universal energy.

Liska is a warm, intuitive, articulate and forward thinking woman. She just exudes passion and touches you with her equanimity. I was inspired by her genuine desire to help other people make a difference in their lives.

During our conversation we spoke about ‘happiness’, agreeing that the key to complete happiness comes from within. As Liska explains, “true happiness is a personal journey of the heart; it’s about getting to know yourself and having a relationship with yourself”.

Liska lives in Naremburn on Sydney’s lower North Shore with David, her husband and their two young children. She recently turned 40 and describes her birthday as, “a wonderful celebration of love, friendship and all things good”. Liska says, “I love birthdays because I believe that they are an opportunity to stop and celebrate who you are as a person in your own right”. 

Liska also describes herself as an avid book reader and says she always has been. She cherishes her wonderful girl friends and acknowledges that they are an important part of her life.

Liska says, “I am passionate about guiding people to lead a happier, enriched existence by creating the personal and physical space in their lives for some stillness”.  

Our interview continues.

Lana: Liska, when was your business, A Place For Space established?

Liska: A Place for Space has been evolving over the past year; however, it is the culmination of what I call my secret life while I was in the corporate world for all those years.

Lana: What inspired you to start this business and what qualifications do you have?

Liska: In mid 2006 my part-time role as Compliance Manager was made redundant and I decided that I wanted to build a business aligned to my personal values that used all my skills and worked for my family as well. What I do is not work to me. I am passionate about the concept of sacred space in everyday life!

For the last couple years I have done private training with a wonderful teacher , Natalia Pereira based in the spiritual  traditions of Sufism and the Vedic tradition of Bhakti Yoga.

I also have a BA (Organisational Communication) from Charles Sturt University. I completed the Foundation Course in Colour and Design and units in the Diploma of Creative Visual Art from the International School of Colour and Design based in North Sydney. I have also undertaken additional studies in Effective Personal Leadership and completed the Anthony Robbins Mastery University Programme.

Lana: Liska, I recently discovered, that we both worked for many years in the staff recruitment profession, were you able to transfer any of your skills in that business to this business?

Liska: Absolutely! Recruiting is all about interacting with people. The communication skills that I developed as a recruiter working with candidates and clients such as empathy, listening, interpreting, giving feedback etc are the foundation of what I do with my A Place for Space clients.

Lana: Why do people need their own space?

Liska: We live in busy times. We process an enormous amount of information on a daily basis and this is often without even being aware of it. Our minds are always on. Our busy lives offer us both certainty and distraction yet in the process we have become deaf to our inner voice. A space of your own gives you the opportunity to close the door on the distractions of your life and take a break from being responsible to others. When you are alone with your thoughts you can begin to listen to that inner voice. Your own sacred space gives you the emotional space to recharge, dream, indulge in some blue sky thinking and receive the answers to some of the challenges that we all face in our daily lives.

Lana: Liska, do you have your own space and if so can you describe it?

Liska: Yes I do. I have the luxury of my own room. When I decided to reclaim the room as my own I stripped it back till it was empty, repainted it and set about choosing each thing that is in it with care. While my husband and children use it from time to time, the fact that all the furniture, pictures, colours, photos, decorations even the laptop was selected by me means that I have the emotional keys to this room. It unlocks my soul and I am constantly drawn to it. The family always know where to find me. I use it every day for my stillness practices, my work and my writing and reading. 

Lana: How does having your own space impact on people’s lives?

Liska: This quote by American philosopher and writer, Joseph Campbell sums it up perfectly for me:

“A place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be. At first you may think nothing’s happening. But if you have a sacred space and take advantage of it and use it everyday, something will happen. Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again”.

Lana: Is your company exclusively for women?

Liska: No. I have found that more often than not women grasp the concept of a sacred space of our own faster than men. That said however when you tell them that it is like a bloke’s shed they immediately get the idea!  
What does a consultation involve and what are the costs?

 A consultation involves the following and costs $400

  • A 3 hour consultation with Liska Turner in your home.
  • Liska will ask you to bring along things that are of significance to you. These can include:
    • favourite photographs
    • artwork
    • special books
    • fabric
    • pieces of music
    • mementos of good times
    • anything at all that inspires you
  • There is no set format to the consultation.  How you use this time is determined by the process of your interaction. It will be talking, listening and communicating. It can also be exploring, shopping, moving furniture, sorting through your treasures, going for a walk in your favorite place or what ever else you need to create your place for space.
  • You receive your own A Place for Space journal to capture your thoughts, ideas, and drawings.
  • There will be a follow up telephone session to offer guidance and help process the different ideas and thoughts you have had since the consultation.

Lana: How do you go about helping someone achieve the desired outcome?

Liska: A big part of what I do is listening to the need that is not being expressed. In many instances what the client wants is not what they are asking for. Using what they have brought to the appointment and some gentle yet directed questioning will often elicit what their soul desires. People are often used to filtering their own wants and needs through the expectations of those closest to them that they have suppressed what they want. Often my role is to affirm the legitimacy of what their heart desires for their own sacred space. I will then facilitate what they need to do to create the space that they want. This varies from person to person because each space is unique to the individual.


“When I finally decided to pursue my long-held dream of becoming a writer I figured that it didn’t really matter so much where I wrote but that I did start to write. My large closet wasn’t a garret but its decorative style was definitely ‘Post-modern Clutter’. I truly didn’t think that my surroundings would make a difference. At this point Liska stepped in. She didn’t criticize the ‘Post-modern Clutter’ style but she did ask what I’d like to surround myself with. ‘Hmmm,’ I thought and from one of the overflowing boxes I produced a little card purchased years ago as a thank you. The picture on the front evoked images of Jane Austen, history and gentility. From this tiny $2.50 card, Liska helped me create a space that reflected me and what I love. Since then I’ve filled a journal with future story ideas and had more encouragement from a publisher. My tiny study is no longer a cluttered closet but a treasured space for my writing. Sitting at my desk I just feel happy.”

Suzie Baker

Lana: Have you had any particularly unusual requests?

Liska: I supported my husband turning our entire backyard into a putting green. It is his meditation space. A cushion just would not have done the trick!                 

What do you enjoy most about your job?


Liska: Everything! After years of having a job, a rewarding one, but still a job; to be spending my energies on my passion is just so marvellous. I get a real kick out of clients telling me how happy they are when they use their sacred space.

 "Using A Place for Space allowed me the unique opportunity to explore the idea that everyone would like to have a space in their home that is special to them….Every time I look at my Martha Stewart secretary I smile. It allows me to have my own space amongst the toys of two young children, and I now have somewhere to put my piles of stuff and my little, treasures. It’s not just a desk,  it is definitely somewhere I nurture myself.”  Meg Meldrum


Lana: Your plans for the future Liska?


Liska: To grow my fledgling business and to get the book I am writing on 'Sacred Space' published.

Lana: I thank you for talking to me Liska, I am very excited about your company, A PLACE FOR SPACE, I believe we can all benefit from having our own sacred space to ground ourselves and spend time just getting to know who we are. You have convinced me to acquire a space of my own and I am looking forward to reaping the benefits. I am also looking forward to the release of your book, Sacred Space. Liska, thank you also for being our Wise Women of the Week and congratulations on your wonderful venture, please keep us updated on your progress.


Liska Turner can be contacted by email
or visit her website












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