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About Gigi

Welcome to your sanctuary

I’m Wise Woman Janet Gilchrist  or “Gigi”,  and it is an absolute thrill to welcome on board.

You have now entered a wonderful place that has been designed for especially for you.

Why a website for women for older women?
People ask:

“How did you come up with this website concept”. 

Funnily enough, the idea for this site just sprang into my mind one day in 2006 and I thought, "why not do this?" and so I did!  

At the time I was bombarding myself with questions:

“How do I rejuvenate myself?”

“How can I reel back the ageing process?”

“What can I do to live longer and how can I be healthy and happy?”

but at the same time I thought
“How can I make this journey fun and maybe help others at the same time?”
Then I thought long and hard about who would be an incredible, fun and exciting partner in such a venture.  Immediately, Lana sprang to mind.  Lana is my son's mother-in-law and was retired and doing some part time Celebrant work.  I thought it might be difficult to talk her into my hair brain scheme, but fortunately for me and you, she was as excited about my idea as I was. 

So, united in enthusiasm and commitment we began the dream was launched in October 2007.

Why Wisewomensworld.com

The fact is women live life differently these days:

- A woman’s life expectancy is around 83 now and that figure will probably push up higher as we age 
    (so we are going to be around for a long, long time and because we will, gosh we want to be enjoying it.)

- Women are still working
    (because we do, we have lost that regular intimate contact we need to have with girlfriends to talk things over, and how we need that valuable connection with girl to girl conversation and getting things off our chest.)

- That women are coping with enormous physical changes to their bodies 
    (and we haven’t got the time to find out solutions – and we can’t just go to bed and get over it – we’re busy)

- Women’s lives have changed dramatically 
    (divorced, retired, illness or what happens when our children leave home, or stay at home  – and because of these things, we need to find out how to cope)

We believe the years over fifty should be wonderful years.  We have more time for ourselves so we can achieve all those goals and dreams. 

You just need to read our Wise Women stories to see women are not just sitting back.  Life it to be lived, girls, so get out there and do it!!  Persue your dreams, be driven by your passions, be interested in everything you do and enjoy it.  There is no time like now to make every moment count.


I am an older women who simply enjoys living life.  In fact, I adore it. 

I am on an incredible ageing journey and am prepared to live it the best way I can.  I want to shimmer with the excitement of just getting up each morning to embrace a brand new day. 

I love to laugh, and everyone who knows me will vouch for that!  I am utterly intigued by how people find ways to be constantly happy and I do my best to be happy myself.  I am always seeking new ideas and ways to make life more interesting and fun so I can remain excited about 'living'.

My husband, affectionately known as Mr. G (just in case he reads my stories it doesn't really sound like I am talking about him!) and I have been married forever.  We have 3 fantastic children, two sons married to gorgeous young women, a glamorous daughter and a tinkerbell grandaughter, Miss Charli. 

My world at work is fascinating.  I flit amongst the fabulous Professors and Drs who work at the Centre for Education and Research on Ageing and am bowled over by the research that is being undertaken.  I have met so many fabulous people through my job and I am constantly inspired by the many people working in this area.  

Although I have worked in many positions over my life, at one stage I happily tossed in paid employment and spent 10 years intent on becoming a famous artist.  I am obviously not!!!

Mr G and I have travelled extensively and we have been on many treks around the world.  We have scaled mountains and walked for weeks, and I have even seen Mt Everest with my very own eyes.  Absorbing cultures, taking risks and seeing the unbelievable really does make an impact on you.  I am addicted!!


                  Mr G's photo of Mt Everest

What motivates me – it would have to be to find the joy in living.

I am inspired by fantastic women who have achieved the amazing and dug deep to reach for the stars....... 

Well, here at “Wisewomensworld.com” Lana and I are going to help inspire you to be excited about life.  We will give you hints and lashings of information to help you fulfil your dreams.   

Say to yourself:

"Life is now a fun filled adventure and I am going to have the time of my life"

Lana and I are going to help you achieve just that.  You ask the questions and we will hound down anyone who will give us the answers for a healthy and happy older age.  We will do the “risk” taking and research information to provide you with your answers. 

We all want to look the best we can,
feel the healthiest we can feel,
still keep mentally stimulated and abreast of life,
and most importantly,
we want everyone to see our inner beauty glowing.

Let's have the time of our lives....

And you can visit me each week at MY WEEK




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Congratulations on the launch of the website- it looks fantastic and is easy to navigate.

Posted: 09-Oct-2007 06:28 PM | Deb | 5 out of 5 stars
As I sit here in Detroit Michigan, I opened up your Wonderful web site and marvelled at the amount of work and passion both you and Lana have put into this site. Congratulations to both of you.
Posted: 10-Oct-2007 05:53 AM | Lauris | 5 out of 5 stars
Greatt stuff, this website is fantastic Freida x
Posted: 21-Feb-2012 05:05 PM | Anonymous |

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