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About Lana

Hi wise women, I’m Lana and I’m so excited to welcome you to our world, Wise Womens World.


I hope you join Gigi and I as our life’s journey together - unfolds.

Gigi and Lana 

Many people have asked me why I became involved in a website for women over 50.

I tell them that it's Gigi's fault (Gigi is my daughter's mother-in-law), she invited me to join her in creating a world specifically designed for women.

Wise Womens World was Gigi's dream, a dream that has become a reality.

We are both so passionate about this website.

The idea of  this website is to focus on mature aged women and to explore and experience the ageing journey together. 


Best of Friends

What is wise womens world all about?

Wise  womens  world is designed to motivate, inspire, inform, entertain and encourage women to feel good about themselves.

It's also a sanctuary, a special place to visit and join other women experiencing many of the same emotions, challenges and triumphs that ageing brings.

Our website is also a forum to change the way people think about ageing. It's really all about attitude, we don’t fear ageing, we celebrate it!

It's our time. It's time for us to do all the things that we have always wanted to do. It's our time to shine.

Turning the half century (a few years ago), was a real turning point for me. I still felt like a 30 year old stuck in a 50 year old body, a body that has endured the ravages of time and a lifestyle that is enjoyed “full throttle”.

It's strange when people start treating you as an older person, particularly when you feel so young on the inside.

I took stock of my life and decided that I would not waste any more of my precious life just marking time. I was determined to pursue the things I have always dreamed of....this of course had my husband worried!

At the same time, I wanted to discover ways of turning back the clock... without going under the knife. My quest to find ways to look younger 'naturally' and to feel more vital - had begun!

I am very excited about sharing my ongoing experiences with you in my pursuit of achieving this goal as well as throwing in some thrills, adventure and of course loads of pleasure.

As my mission to turn back the clock unfolds, I'll continue to bring you news on the latest research and comprehensive results from my various trials, procedures and experiments.

Me Trying Facial Acupuncture

Gigi and I would like to introduce you to other women on “the journey” and share in their wisdom and life experiences. Our plan is to help other women achieve their goals and promote sisterhood – globally.

About Me

Sahara Desert

To give you some basic details of myself - I've been married for 34 years and I have a wonderful son and a daughter who (thankfully) are both married to their 'soul mates' and I also have 3 incredible grandchildren. I know, I know...I’m a bragging nanna!

I do humbly realise how blessed I am to have such a close and loving family and a great circle of friends to share my life with.

I sold my staff recruitment business a few years ago and my long career in the 'people' industry has given me great insights into what makes us tick. I also unleashed my passion for writing when I had a book published in 1992. The title of the book is Your Child On TV.

The book explains the joys and pitfalls of children working in the television and movie industries. I enjoyed the experience I gained from the many TV, radio and press interviews that I was lucky enough to secure (with the help of my fabulous publicist). I also felt very privileged to experience an amazing book launch which was highlighted by appearances from prominent Australian actors. The book signings that followed enabled me to combine business with pleasure – travelling around Australia and meeting many parents who were keen to learn about the television and film industry before considering the opportunities that this particular vocation could offer their child.

In semi-retirement, I became a marriage and funeral celebrant, a career that I found very rewarding. It's so wonderful to be able to officiate at wedding ceremonies for my friend's children, especially the ones that I have known since they were babies.

My big passion is travel and I have journeyed extensively around Australia and around the world. As soon as I return from a trip - I'm already planning the next one.

Like most of us, I enjoy many things in life, especially new experiences and challenging activities and of course like many of you, I love all things girlie and luxurious. I'm a real foodie too and enjoy all cuisines. I'm also partial to a glass or two of the beautiful vino...any colour.

I'm extremely motivated and inspired by people who make things happen and people who find ways to overcome difficult hurdles in their lives.

Gail O'Keeffe Author of
"The Remembering".

Our Journey

I am looking forward to us sharing women's wisdom and hope that our journey will be filled with hope, joy and inspiration.

Get ready for the many thrills and spills as we head into the unknown.

Girls, come on - let's make this ride through life a fantastic one. 

I invite you to visit me each week to find out what’s happening in my world  - just click onto - This Week's Wise Words from Lana.

May your own journey be a fabulous one!

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No doubt about you Lana you have always been a person who will have a go. I wish i had your confidence. I wish you well and good luck.
Posted: 27-Aug-2014 09:47 AM | rhonda miller |

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