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Does weather bother you? Are you a big fan of living in exquisitely precise airconditioning?  

We have air conditioning in my office and I believe we are being 'cryogenically' held in an non ageing temperature akin to deep freeze.   I don't like a subzero temperature for my working environment even if it means I get to live til 200.  By the end of the day my bones are so frozen it takes the entire trip home for my hands to stop tingling as the blood returns to them!!!! 

Bad air conditioning can be very unpleasant.  I would prefer to be hot or cold - relevant to the days temperature - rather than forcibly operating in the preferred conditions of some psychopath who has control of the reins.  

Look, I am an Aussie and I love hot weather.  Sure throw on the air conditioner when you need to but don't forget it uses masses of power.  Try a jumping in some cold water or even whinge and complain, but if it is hot so we should be hot!!!! You are getting a free sauna, sweating all out muck through your pores and think about how good the sun is for you.  Your body is loving it.  

But I love cold weather too. Rugged up, snuggled under blankets or sitting in front of a warm fire...yes, cold can be good too.  You don't need to swan around in your shorts and T-shirt in the middle of winter do you? What is all that about!!!  Do you really need to live your entire year in a perfectly tepid temperature.  

Gosh we are a bit too precious if we can't hack the odd hot day or freezing winter - but then again I live in Australia and maybe the days are never excruciatingly hot or cold hence my point of view!!! 

I say put the air conditioner if you must for those unbearable days.  We really don't need perfect conditions or bad air conditioning if you ask me.  I've tried the odd complaint at the office and things did improve from below freezing to above - but its still not right. 

And the gym!!!!!My gracious, the air conditioning there is so cold  I am always complaining.  For goodness sake, it is a gym...we are meant to feel hot!  When you left the class in the good old days, you were a dripping mess and it was plainly obvious you had lost a truckload of weight.  

Now, as we wait for the class to start I have my towel wrapped around my shoulders as it is freeeeeeezing. Cold air conditioning spews forth and eight large fans spin!  Then at the end you feel weird if you ask me. I have cold sweaty clothes and any sweat that got a chance to ooze from my body is instantly dried so my skin is clammy.  Anyhow, I find it very bizare!  I say bring back the good old days when the room was like a steam room.

And how strange it all is.  I have just been alerted to the fact that Fitness Firsts have a new class called Hot Yoga!!!!  Yes, they have a room where you can do your slow Yoga as hot steam is poured into the room so you can lose your weight practically motionless.  Why not let the Body Attackers get hot and steamy doing their fast moves!!!

We humans do funny things to ourselves is all I can say! 

If you wonder what this blog is about, well it is just my ponderings on the relevance of air conditioning as we all do battle with the weather conditions.  

Today was apparently 37 degrees and I felt cold all day.  As I left the office and stepped through the door into the hot steamy heat - and as it wrapped itself around my freezing body, I was in seventh heaven. 

I could definitely live without air conditioning- could you!

Cheers Gigi

Gigi ! | Monday, November 14, 2011 | Comments (1) | Trackbacks (0) | Permalink | back to top


Yeah, I loathe the thing unless the temperature is extreme. Bring back fresh air and the real temperature. Wise woman Joanne
Posted: 13-Dec-2011 04:09 PM | Anonymous |

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