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I was watching a TV show the other night called something like 'Extreme Makeover'.  

The star of the show spends three months living with the client and then leaves him to exercise and diet who then supposedly comes up with great results at the end of the year.  In fact, the before and after photos are usually stunning - but last night, 'Shock upon Shock' - the participant failed!!!  

The 'obese' man (let's call him Bill) weighed in at an extraordinary 490lbs - which I assure you, is huge! He was so keen and excited to get slimmer for his wife and young child.  Things started well.  In the first three months with the star living with him at his house, guiding him on his way, he lost 110lbs.  Great stuff.  Then it was cheerio to the host and down to normal living.

Bill, of course, had to resume normal life.  On his way to work he must have passed 10 fast food outlets. Fast food was his addiction.  Once or twice he succumbed and at his next weigh in he had put on weight. 

The star visited him at home during the next 3 months only to find out that he had been sneaking all sorts of bad things into the house to eat and that he had gorged his way through all the fast food places practicably every day.  When he was weighed this time he was back well over 400lbs. 

This man wept as explained his addiction to fast food and his self loathing at eating it when he knew he shouldn't.  The last we saw of him was being deposited at the psychologist for something more than exercise and dieting.  He was in fact, a full blown food addict and it was destroying his health the same way an alcoholic or drug addict would do.  

He had everything at his finger tips to make the change but he had no control over himself, over his life.  He was well and truly out of control.

Here was a show demonstrating failure. Pretty remarkable when you think these weight loss shows are keen to inspire.  I was a bit scared that the 'back firing' result might be harmful to all those big people out there who thought that with all the will the world you could do it.  Not so it seems!

Life can get us when we go to extremes.  There are people who die when they participate in extreme sports, drinking alcohol will have your kidneys begging for a break and perhaps kill you, I can't imagine what a body riddled with drugs would be screaming.  And then there is food.  Stuff it right in and you blow right out.

Control folks. It is simple and as hard as that.  What goes on in our heads is the key.  Seek help if you are out of control and become a new you.  

Our New Years Resolution is to be in control.  To save ourselves - we can do it.....

Good luck to you all...........



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I am forever in exrcise circle - I try but no luck i will keep try
Posted: 14-Dec-2011 04:54 PM | Anonymous |
Love that show and have learnt a lot and a weird way Carrie B
Posted: 15-Dec-2011 05:24 PM | Anonymous |

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