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When I walk into the gym I see lots of young people, they are everywhere.  Suddenly I feel 30 again and I am in my element.  

But why is it that every older woman there talks to me!!
!  Darn it!  Do they recognise one of their own!!!!  Ouch!

As an older woman, what should I wear!  
Well I don’t have the latest clothing that for sure:

a) because it is expensive (and who in the hell am I trying to impress when I am there) and
b) when I have tried on trendy bits on they look ridiculous!   And so the dilemma! 

I have to wear sleeves and leggings.  Two essentials.  They can be short sleeves but sleeves are important to covering some of the ageing issues.  And so are leggings.  Knees, veins and wobbly bits can be a dead giveaway.

But the key to my look is to always wear shorts over the top of the leggings – just like a boxer!!!  Well, when I started back at the gym my backside was slipping and was pretty awful so I decided that shorts would be a nicer option for anyone standing behind me!!!  Yes, considerate is my second name! 

But I actually like the shorts and legging look and even some of the young ones have started wearing them – so maybe I have started a fad!!! 

I like to wear collars on my T-shirts for PUMP.  When I sling 15 kilos over my head (yes, I have upped from 10) and onto my neck – the collar is protection for older skin!!! 

What about the music!
OH boy - that blaring, throbbing ear-splitting noise!  I have super sensitive ears (probably from years of gym attendance) and I actually can’t bear it.  So before we start, out comes the tissue or toilet paper and I shove a large amount into my ears.  It works a treat as I can still hear the music and the instructor – but the biting edge is taken off and I can do the class without being in ‘ear pain’.

Where do you stand in the class?  
Up the back – especially in Body Attack!!!  Well, I do because I have to modify some of the moves because of my dodgy ankles and it is better not to annoy those behind. Getting through the class needs some cunning and this should be the stategy of the older person.  Be kind to yourself so you can!!!

Knowing you won’t be perfect at it all of this is a hard thing to reconcile, especially when you have been doing it most of your life.  It is much better to go, accept your limitations and modify the moves so you don’t cripple yourself.

I do wonder how long I will be able to keep going though!  Maybe the gym will eventually kick me out when I am ninety because I have modified everything so all I do it walk on the spot!!!!

I will be the bowling pin participant, subject to being knocked over!

And you know, I always wonder if the younger ones are put off as I take up their valuable gym space or are they inspired by having older ones in the room!!!

I really hope it is inspired!

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