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When I go shopping - the two most difficult purchases that I ever make are shoes and funnily enough....night attire.  I rarely get the purchase right!!!!

Firstly shoes.......many women have a love of shoes that can cure depression.  Sadly for me, purchasing shoes gives me a big fat headache.  

I am scared of buying shoes.  I always choose unwisely.  I pick something that looks cute and gorgeous but cannot be worn with any degree of comfort.  Or, I go for comfort and instantly boringly old lady springs to mind!!!  

I am embarrassed to say I have purchased a lot of boring black loafers over time.  You know the sort.  Little buckles, bows or plain as you like.  Black boring shoes that are comfortable figure highly on my shoe rack. 

Then I choose shoes that sing....  but they rarely see the light of day.  They are only worn in the confines of my house, or an evening at a friends where I only have to walk from the car to their loungeroom.  Lasting back pain and inflamed bunions remind me over the next few days that gorgeous heels are evil!!!

I admire my very petite daughter in law, Sweetie, who springs effortlessly along in her higher than high heels as though it was nothing!!! I guess because she is short she likes a bit of height....but if I needed height, I would either die early from the pain of staggering around in high heels daily...........

I worry hugely about comfort when I buy and then if they end up being boring and uncomfortable - well complete purchase failure in my book.......

Then there is night attire.  

Firstly I note that you always need to buy a size larger than your normal size.  

Your husband does not know this and when he goes out to buy you a gorgeous nightie for Christmas or birthday - you can't even pull it over your head.  Instantly he thinks you have been lying about your dress size all these years and no amount of explanation will convince him otherwise.  

Then you have to front the store for an exchange.  The shopkeepers are all sniggering as they know they have talked partners into their purchases and they will be wrong wrong wrong!!!!  It is probably a Christmas game they have been playing on us for years

 I wonder how many gorgous nighties have I had to return.  Then, because the exchange happens during the Christmas sales, the lack of stock means I never get a replacement that is anywhere close to the beautiful one he originally purchased.

So aside from that, my actual winter pj purchases have been less than satisfactory too. My latest pair, which I excitedly brought home, thinking yes....I have made the perfect purchase.....turned sour!!!  I had to go up a size and because of my long torso the pants drag all over the floor.  Don't designers or patterncutters think!!!  Just because your body has an odd shape it doesn't mean your legs have grown an extra 6 inches longer.....  

Some place, somewhere  and sometime in the future I hope to make two perfect purchases.  

Dream shoes and dream pajamas.....both comfortable and utterly gorgeous......

I think I am dreaming!!!!!

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