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Ummmm, I am thinking of the joking remarks made about OTHERS.  

Would they be considered humorous or hideous?  

Most of us would be happy to make a joke about ourselves and laugh heartily.  But does this give us the 'right' to do the same to others.  Maybe, just maybe others take things seriously and are sensitive about anything or everything. 

What is 'right'!  Well, I guess 'right' is to never say anything!  Watch out and mind your tongue and never open up about 'life' and life's funny situations.  

Many people  make a jokes about common topics without malicious intent.  Seeing funny situations and trying to make funny stories is everyone's prerogative, isn't it!!

We live in a world where we can have our say or be slammed for having it!!!!  So what to do!  Zip that mouth shut and never express your feelings because you may say something which may be taken in a bad way.  Or express your feelings and hope that it is taken as a point of view!

I guess it is all about the person who is speaking, how they are talking, the nature of the topic and who is listening!!!!

But it is really really strange how what we say can be poison or treacle!!!

Let me know what you think.  Are you never judgmental and 'politically' correct or do you say it how you see it?

Cheers Gigi  

Gigi ! | Wednesday, December 14, 2011 | Comments (4) | Trackbacks (0) | Permalink | back to top


I personally have foot in mouth disease if others laugh it is probably at me
Posted: 15-Dec-2011 05:22 PM | Anonymous |
I say it is as it is if people dont like it then too bad. we have the right to say whatwe think dont we
Posted: 20-Dec-2011 09:04 AM | Charlene |
I say what I think people can take it or leave it
Posted: 25-Jan-2012 10:21 PM | Betty |

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