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The search was on.  My back creaked, my husband's hip ached and our mattress sagged.  

Now buying a new mattress is a huge expense and you want it to be right.  You really don't want to buy anything when it really could make a difference to how you feel during the day.

I spent hours, days, weeks trawling the net.  I increased the mileage of my car as I searched bedding shops. I wanted the super mattress that would change my life by curing my back!!  Big ask and no mistakes could be made.  

After countless hours of research I decided that we would buy a pocket coil mattress with a latex or memory foam pillow top of some sort.  Having decided on the type, I set out with Mr G. We invested a whole day checking them out in hundreds of shops.  We did not buy.  I set out the next day in a different part of town and still...no purchase.  The following weekend was do or die......a mattress had to be bought because we were hating hitting the hay!

Luckily for us a particular bedding shop was having a huge sale and I dragged a protesting Mr G back into the bedding department.   Really though, it is a bit like smelling perfume........once you start trying them they all seem the same after a while.  We tried every pillow top in the place and ummmmed and arrrrhed.  

The salesman said 'why not try this one, it's a latex'.  I took a look at the price and thought 'what's the point' but jumped right on.  Ohhhh, it was delicious.  It was heavenly.  I sang its praises and patted and stoked but said it was out of our budget.  The salesman could see he had a sale but 'how' could he secure it.  

'Why not come over here' he said leading us up the back of the shop among the expensive memory foam mattresses. I had completely discarded them as I have no wish to pay lots of money for foam that remembers it is a block of foam!!!!!No matter how comfortable it is!!!

Anyhow he pointed to a mattress, a very handsome mattress.  'This mattress is a reject order and I can give you a good price;  take a lie down and check it out'.  Once on it I did not want to get up.  It was a dream.  It was Latex with a latex and wool pillow top.  What did I say!!!  That's right - totally not my researched choice. 

Needless to say, offered at half the price we bought the thing.  As I waited for its arrival I worried myself sick I would be unhappy with it. It arrived and yes, the first night I had the worst night's sleep ever.  The next night was slightly better.  By the week's end I was transformed into a Latex mattress addict and now I can't wait to get into bed.

So, I admit it takes a bit of getting used to but once you have mastered your new sleeping positions, voila, super sleep and definitely a less aching body.  It is a dream and can thoroughly recommend it.  

What a shame that such an expensive item lies buried under bedding never to be seen by any guests and rarely by us.  Arhhh but you can tell by our faces that we have hit gold in the bedroom and 'ain't' that the best thing ever!!!

Buy a Latex, you'll be so glad you did!!!

Gigi ! | Wednesday, June 13, 2012 | Comments (6) | Trackbacks (0) | Permalink | back to top


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Posted: 08-Nov-2012 07:20 AM | Kim |
I laughed and went right out and bought a new bed - Sandra
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