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Stretching is such a powerful tool and after we finish exercising we just might forget to do it. 

Well, it takes time and because it is slow and we hold still poses, it might seem like we are wasting our time. 


The thing is you MUST stretch because it:



1. enhances physical fitness

2. enhances ability to learn and perform skilled movements

3. increases mental and physical relaxation

4. enhances development of body awareness

5. reduces risk of injury to joints, muscles, and tendons

6. reduces muscular soreness

7. reduces muscular tension

8. increases suppleness due to stimulation of the production of chemicals which lubricate connective tissues

I found a website that will tell you the stretches that are NOT appropriate.  We might think that any sort of pulling and holding position is the answer, but no, you can make mistakes.


The worst case of shoulder, elbow and wrist injury for me came from doing Yoga of all things. 

During the class we lay on the floor.  We had a judo belt wrapped around one foot and wrist, we put our leg up in the air and stretched down to one side.  My legs are pretty strong, much stronger than my arms so with brute strength I ripped apart every ligament and joint in that wrist, elbow and shoulder. 

Noone said use a stretchy band which may have helped!!  Anyhow I am wary now of any stretches that require dragging on joints using something as momentum such as other people.  

Most stretches can be done gently at first with a second time round of increasing that stretch.  A much better way of easing pressure on your joints.


You will learn yourself which stretches help you the most and which ones are harmful.

But why not  for stretches that are a bit risky. 


Good luck, keep up the exercise AND the stretching, and I’ll see you next week







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