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Hi There Everyone,

Now how are you all going?  I am getting such great reports from you out there and it is giving me such a huge thrill to know you are putting in such a great effort.
You know, if you begin to feel healthy and then transform that body of yours, well, your life will be just fantastic.

Get the Look

I have been sooooo good lately and so far since Christmas I have lost 6 pounds (I like to work in pounds with weight loss but just personal preference).  Now that is not an enormous loss, but nothing happened for ages and then the scales started to move and down they go.  It is terribly exciting. 

Just a small thing like this is enough to give you the motivation, so if you can hang in there til you start seeing the results on the scales, gosh, you will be rushing out to exercise with real enthusiasm.

I know many of you have taken to the swimming pool and it is certainly a wonderful way to exercise.  You are out in the fresh air, your body bouyant and you can just drift away into another world as you do your laps.  Bliss.

Many have told me they like to run.  This is fantastic going if you are a wise woman.  Well done.  Be careful of those joints though and make sure you stretch when you reach home.

Look, there are so many things to do, find something that appeals to you and incorporate it into your life. 

Come on just one more

Exercise is giving you a healthier life, a longer life and a beautiful vibrant you. 

What could be better than that?

Next week, out with those tapemeasures.  So put in a good hard week to see some great results. 

And keep the emails coming to: 
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