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Hi  how is it going out there

I know sometimes it is hard to stay motivated, but you must keep focused and committed.  This week I thought I would put together a list that could help you with your committment.

1.  Regular Time.  Just like you would if you went to a gym.  Set the time and make it happen.

2.  Do something you enjoy?  Walk, run, swim, play golf, play tennis and so many more.  Or do the lot.  If you enjoy what you are doing, you will stay motivated. Simple as that.  Variety could be the key to your success.

3.  Try to do some of your exercise outside.  Fresh air and sun will help your mental outlook for sure.

4.  Mental outlook - be postive, create great images of your self in your mind. Feel excited about your activities and let it become your passion.  Then it will all be easy.

5.  Why not read magazines, check out websites and TV shows.  Thinking about creating a healthy body will rub off.

6. Throw in a heart monitor to give you immediate feedback, work out with a friend, and try to look the part.  If everything points to positivity, well, great results will happen.

Don't give up!

Go to the mirror now,  What do you see?  Is there a face full of enthusiasm staring back.  Is it brimming with life?  This is what you are working towards.  This is what you want to see.  This is your goal.

Come on, it is so important to move that DO IT

Until next week


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