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Do you want to know why you need to exercise when you are over 50?

Apart from wanting to look and feel great that is!!!

You need to have some “Muscle”

When we reach 30 we will begin to loose our muscle mass, and by the time we reach 70, we have kissed goodbye to 25% of it.

Now the good news is, this will happen if you are inactive so that tells us that one very important thing.

If you maintain or take up exercise, you not only hang onto what you have, you might even gain back some of that lost muscle function and strength.

Muscles also are on the job in other ways.

They will burn calories when you are at rest therefore help your metabolism.

Muscles also “help driving sugar from the bloodstream into the cells, thus reducing blood sugar level.” Now that has got to be good!  Strength training can also help in reducing high cholesterol and blood pressure

So getting that odd muscle or two is definitely worth it.

In fact we should be making sure we work towards building, improving and maintaining our muscles. Then they will work for us.

Get that body "Moving"!

We all know that breathing in and out gives us the oxygen we need to stay alive but it also “exercise boosts the circulation which brings oxygen and nutrients to the organs and cells of the immune system and allows them to function more effectively.”

Moving your body helps with all body functions. Your heart will love you for it, you’re your lungs will breathe easier and your endorphins will make you feel great!

So do not allow yourself to become inactive or you will be a perfect example of "what that is" !!!!!

Bend and Stretch

Our muscles and joints will become stiffer as we age and that’s that!

But you know, I have just discovered some information that may actually help me here. I suffer, and you may too, from nasty aches and pains and my research tells me that “the water content of your tendons reduces and makes them stiffer”. Go on, hurl me another glass of water.  If I don’t drink I create a problem so now I make sure I DO drink!!!

Ligaments and joints can be quite affected in older age and if we don’t have the luxury of having a full time masseur on hand, we have got to work on flexibility ourselves.

Stretch that body and reap the benefits as agility and balance will help you maintain steadiness and that zing in your step.

A picture of a bent up old person swaying from side to side and in pain is not what we want for ourselves, so action flexibility now.

So here are a few very good reasons to make a change to your life. 

Make sure you incorporate exercise into your life and don't worry about doing it for weight loss!!!  You are exercising for a longer healthier life so don't be obsessive about the weight at this stage. That will happen anyway.

I have been very good with my exercise program this week, doing a 9 kilometre walk and mastering the spin bike and I have thrown in the odd aerobic routine so I feel pretty good and I know my body thanks me for it.

Make sure your body gets a chance to thank you too.

See you next week......

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Not exactly sure what an audio-ologist does but an ear, nose, torhat doctor would be a good choice. You may even just have him go to his family doctor. He should be able to tell you the best course of action from there.
Posted: 24-Apr-2012 07:37 AM | Hannah |

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Pat yourselves on the back if you are on track because you should be so excited you are rocketing forward with good health.  It’s that simple. 

Just exercise and the health of your body will look after itself.


I want you to feel good.  Good about everything.  About your body, about life and about what you do! 

When you get control of one thing, everything else falls into place, so an easy way to change how you feel about your life, is to grab exercise by both hands, focus and just DO IT!!! 

Voila, life improves.

If you haven’t started yet after all these weeks of me harping about its incredible benefits, you shouldn’t wait a moment longer.  Every week that goes by is a chance of good health gone begging. 

So get up and get out that door. 

Move that body. 

Don’t worry about concentrating on the weight loss at this stage, because it will happen anyway.   The most important thing is about conditioning every part of your body. 

We are talking about your body here. 
Not someone else’s! 
This is you.

Yes, you are in charge of it and if it is a certain way, you are responsible. 

The one great thing to enhance your life is to move that body of yours.

Make a start.  Enjoy the fresh air.  Enjoy the difference that exercise makes you feel. 

You will be jumping out of your skin with energy and vitality before you know it, but you HAVE to start.  So, no excuse, begin!!!!

For those of you who have started, bravo.  You are going to be feeling the benefits already.  Exciting isn’t it.  You are making enormous steps towards a longer healthier life so be glad you are on the path to be ‘the best you can be’.

Work on your body so you can live as long as you can in the healthiest way and with determination it will happen.

Come on ladies, its fun, it’s worthwhile and you will gain all round.

Keep moving until week


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