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Have you really wondered why you are exercising? 

What do you gain out of it?


I found a nice little health publication that gives you the answers to the 10 reasons for exercising. 

Take a look at the list below. 

1   Exercise boosts brain power.

2   Exercise is 21st century medicine.

3   Age is no barrier.

4   It's an opportunity to be creative.

5   Exercise relieves PMS.

6   Exercise may reduce risk of breast cancer.

7   Fitness is in. The couch potato is out.

9   Worries dissolve while mood rises.

10  Exercise is heart smart

When you go to the article you will also learn what Opah needs to do to keep fit.  Her fitness routine is definitely a hard ask, but she does it.  Sometimes she fails, but she knows with commitment she can pick herself up and charge down the road of control yet again. 

It would be nice if we had complete and absolute control of what we ate and continued persistence with our exercise all the time, but it is the rare person that can maintain this without hiccups. 

But you know, with a conscious effort to keep trying, watching what you put in your mouth and making time for exercise, in the end it just becomes routine

And when you see that new you, well you will want to keep focused and it will become much easier.

So check out the article and find out that there are so many fantastic reasons to move that beautiful body of yours.  Honestly, the article will have you hopping.

Up and off ladies, embrace health.

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