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Let's Get Fit.  I am, are you? 

Hopefully my little story this week relating to the start of my training will inspire you and hopefully, you may even think about some serious exercising yourself.  Lana are you reading this!!!

 ‘I feel good’, as the song goes!  And I am proud to say I have been every day this week and even had a very concentrated slog with Trent, my personal trainer today.  Also last night Mr G and I went to the body combat class and we left that room smiling and excited as it reminded us so much of how our lives used to be. 

And now we are getting the buzz back, I am excited!!!!

Why or what is the reason that makes me feel so great about attending ‘the sweat house’.

There are many things.  I feel good because I know I am now in control of my fitness.  I am enjoying the spark it gives me.  I like the sweating and the stretching.  I actually enjoy the music (even though in my opinion it is way too loud) and the positive vibe in the aerobic room is electric.

Yes, I enjoy the whole gym experience.  At my age and my level of fitness I am not disgracing myself that is for sure.  As I take a sneaky peep around the room I am certainly not least fit but I am most certainly the oldest, apart from Mr G! 

Mr G's trainer said that he was so impressed that Mr G and I were still going ‘at our ages’.  Humph!!!!  Our ages!  Crikey we are not over the hill just yet! 

Just take a look at this week’s Wise Woman, Janice Lorraine.  Not only is she seriously fit and fabulous at 66 – she is in fact an International Natural Body Building champion.  Her story is fantastic and if she doesn’t inspire you to rise from your chair and ‘get fit’, nothing will.

If you have never been to the gym before and worried about how you’ll feel and whether you will be able to make it through the classes – don’t let your imagining put you off.  Give it a go.   You will find most gyms will give you a trial week at no cost or be brave and just ask them for a free week just to see if you do enjoy the experience.  Yes you will, you will!!! 

Don’t be embarrassed.  Everyone is there to improve themselves.  Even the big guy on the weights machine was probably a scrawny weakling before he started so he’s not thinking about anything except himself!  

Every single person there is concerned about achieving their own goals.  But even if they were mentally criticizing you, you can’t possibly be affected by it so don’t let that notion bug you. 

Don’t just get all ‘I can’t be bothered’ just because I’m older either;  being older should be the very reason to get out there to stave off the ageing process.

I was speaking to a friend the other day who had just signed up to an all women's gym and had been attending every morning before work.  She was as revved up and excited too.  She asked me the question the gym asked her,  'What do you want to get out of being at the gym?'

She told me she had said she wanted to lose weight around her middle and that most of her exercises revolved around that wish. 'So what is your goal', she asked.

After a quick think and I said 'I want to be able to cut through the air with vigor. I want to be able to move with bounce.  I know the weight will drop off everywhere, but I want more than that.  I want 'the vibe' that comes with exercising and feeling good about yourself'.

You too can have exactly that when you take up the challenge and commit to a healthier life

So armed with some spirit, the objective of helping yourself to live long and well, find yourself a gym or get out there and walk the tread off your shoes. 

Join me in some fitness sizzle on the road to longevity.

Until next time





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