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Did you do it?  Did you exercise? 

Get that tape measure out and start to measure.  Go on. 

I have just done mine and I have lost a total of 19 cms in 3 weeks.  Not bad.  I lost the most around my tummy and under my bust.  I am finally seeing result (yeah).   Seeing the results in black and white will have you excited and rearing to go.  Your exercise journey will take on a life of its own.

However, if you did not see any results.  Don't panic.  You are creating a healthy body at this point and the weight loss bonus will come eventually.

When we older, the standard older body shape starts to emerge.  Like or lump it, we thicken up between the boobs and the hips.  It's downright annoying but it has got a lot to do with our hormones.  

I often wonder why God decided that we can be thin and gorgeous during our children bearing years but once that time is out of the way, the grand plan came about to make us 'thicken up" just when we get our lives back!!   What in the dickens did we do to deserve that!! 

And even worrying about what we eat, it just doesn't seem to move that bulge.  You'll most likely loose weight everywhere else first before you loose your tummy.  Darn it!!! 

But there is a way.  Yes, I preach exercise and it is the answer. 

If you were lucky enough to have the time to exercise daily for 1 hour you would be as good as you would like to be.  It is true. 

Not many of us have this luxury, so at least three times will give you the benefits of fitness and health and move you along towards longevity.  And even with that amount you will start to notice the weight gradually disappearing. 

So get up and get out!!!!!

We are under exercised as a nation. 
We look instead of play.  We ride instead of walk. 

Our existence deprives us of the minimum of physical activity essential for healthy living.

So we have to move our bodies, we have to decide that we want a good healthy body and we have to do something about it. 

So off you go?  The next weigh-in is really going to count.  Think about what you are eating and enjoy being physical

Until next week



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