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Hello one and all,

'The sun is shinning in the sky... there ain't a cloud in sight'

Come on ...get into ELO groove and dance around the room


Suddenly I feel good and happy and excited about life when the sun shines, don't you!  

Mr G and I zipped over to Singapore And Bintan Island a few weeks ago.  We relished the heat and the sunshine.  Sweating like a pig...love love love it! What a fabulous holiday destination Singapore is for young and old.  There are so many exciting things to do apart from walking your legs off shopping.  

We took a trip out to the Singapore Night Safari.  


Many years ago we had been to the zoo in daylight hours. They say it is one of the best in the world.  This time we thought a night time trip would be worthwhile.  And it was.  

It was a barmy night so all the animals were mooching around under the amazing moonlight lighting system plus a humongous real moon.  

We took a trolley car around the greater part of the zoo.   We saw wonderful animals just on the other side of invisible wires and motes such as lions, rhinos, giraffe, zebra and the like.  Then we hopped off the trolley and walked around the glass and penned areas to see leopards badgers etc, and we also walked through bat and flying squirrel enclosures.  It was fun roaming around in the dark searching for this animal or that.  We were even entertained by the fishing cats which I thought were a highlight - even though they looked just like domestic cats.   

We went to the animal show and sat on rows of metal seats in an ampitheatre.  It was amazing how they had trained otters and the white wolf and the most incredible binturong.  If you are planning on a visit there though, don't go just after or when it is raining as I have heard from locals you won't see anything!


The Gardens by the Bay in Singapore are a must.  Set portside they are an beautiful escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets.  You can get there by cab (very reasonable prices) bus or train.  Two huge domes hold different treasures. One has plants and flowers from around the world, and the other has an  eight story lift well, with a water fall crashing down one side into mist gardens.   

There is a  platform walkway that hangs out in the mist as you wind your way down to the bottom.  Such fun.  Both of these domes have an admission cost.  The rest of the gardens are free.  There is also a super Tree Grove.

"These unique trees of up to 16 storeys in height can be found all around the Gardens - twelve at the Supertree Grove, while the remaining six are placed in clusters of threes at the Golden and Silver Gardens.

Providing scale and dimension to the Gardens while marrying the form and function of mature trees, the Supertrees also create height to balance the tall developments in the Marina Bay area. Take a stroll along the OCBC Skyway, a 128-metre long walkway that connects the two 25-metre Supertrees at the Supertree Grove, and take in a different view of the Gardens. Chill out at the 50-metre Supertree-top bistro and be captivated by the panoramic views of the Gardens as well as the surrounding Marina Bay area."

Of course we walked the platform ($5 a ticket) and took lots of pictures.  We also sat underneath the Super Trees and as the sun set and as they lit up. They flickered and pulsed to beautiful music.  Someone had suggested getting to the gardens late in the afternoon and staying for this lovely event. Our timing was perfect.  

From our bedroom.....across lawn to the sea

We took the 1 hour ferry ride to Bintan Island, and stayed at the Bintan Lagoon Resort that boasts it very own personal ferry.  The resort was a wonderful place to unwind.  We ate and cocktailed ourselves stupid as we made our way around the 11 eating haunts.  

I booked Mr G in for a massage as it was his birthday...but could not resist indulging myself with a the body scrub and facial at the charming beauty centre.  That was an hour and a half of pure bliss and I must say that the feel of my skin after this was almost young!!!

So five stars from me for a great holiday destination...

Mr G lives for his holidays and I trundle along for the ride.  I am not sure where we will be heading off next time but half the fun is making the plans......and so we are....


Ouch, I am back into it eagerly.  Well, I have been addicted to the Biggest Loser, and I while I sit there on my behind and watch them toil away - well it just enthuses me.  If they can do so can I.  Also I have been trialing Yoga when I can. I am hoping this gentle stretching will help me recover better from the heavy duty work out......  As I sit twisted and bent, I wonder if I will ever be able to ever master the needed flowing motions, let alone exact positioning!

And girls, I am playing golf!  Do you play yourself?  Yes, two lessons with the Pro and 2 games with Mr G and I am excited. 

I was an absolute newbie as I turned up to my first lesson with my brand new 'cheapy' Christmas golf clubs.  Chris let me swing away to see what I could do and by the end of the lesson, I was hitting 'perfect' shots off the 9 iron (I have since worked out if you stand in the one position and hit again and again with minor adjustments you do actually hit a pretty good ball).   

So armed with my knowledge and new found skills, Mr G and I have hit the golf course.  This little nearby golf course is surrounded by busy roads and houses and it freaks me out.  With absolutely no control over my direction or how far I could hit, I feel gripped with terror!    Anyhow, I had a hopeless first game and Mr G was disappointed that I wasn't as brilliant as I had made out! 

The second game was a bit better but I still lost two balls in the canal, forgot to pick up two tees, had to jump over a metal fence to retrieve a ball in a next door property, managed to find the muddy quagmire and sink my ball deep (took a very long time using my club as a ball trawler) and was almost hit by a chap driving off in the next fairway.  

Why couldn't I just remember those brilliant instructions instead of completely missing the ball or shooting it along the ground or sideways.  Well thankfully, a few good shots had me in awe of myself!!!!    But you know, I loved it and really, there is room for plenty of improvement which makes every golf day a bit more exciting!!!! And I can only get better...


What do you clean your teeth with!  I am suspicious of advertised toothpaste when I hear that special little balls of something are added to make even whiter teeth!  Who checks this stuff doesn't have some long term side effect.  

I decided to get myself chemical free paste.  

I bought 'Jason' and I haven't looked back.  It has nothing bad in it.  It tastes minty and froths.  I have been using if for months now and the taste of it I don't even notice any more.  You only need a small amount and it has lasted for ages.  Give it a go and extract toxic stuff from your mouth.

Let me know what you think.......gigi@wisewomensworld.com


We had a female Prime Minister in our country and the press and radio hounded, embarrassed and lynched her since day one.

She has carried the role with dignity and politeness in the face of all this barrage.  OK you might not like her politics, its a free country but the bar has been lowered to debasement levels.  The press is rude.

What really troubles me though is the lack of respect that is plastered across our media.  What are we teaching our kids when they are to deal with our leaders - politicians, teachers, clergy, the elderly etc. 

For instance, remember the hilarity, and coverage which ensued, when the PM was touring a school and a kid tossed a sandwich at her.  This was not an adult - this was a child throwing a sandwich at the leader of our nation.  Why did that child think that was the correct thing to do.  No wonder kids are running riot.  If they don't know how to respect a visitor at a school, what hope is there for them in the wider community. 

Kids are learning they can do whatever they want and noone will tell them otherwise - because that is what they are being shown again and again in the media.  Yes....you can do or say what you like!

So I personally look on with horror at the attitude of the nation which is feeding our children with this wrong message of disrespect.  

All fair in love and war you might say, but there is also decency towards fellow human beings and after all, people are just people going about their business. 

The world is sadly full of rage, unhappiness and disrespect.  I think as adults we should insist on a change being made.  

Let's start with the media.   Where has good old 'unopinionated' journalism and entertainment gone?  Why has it been replaced with writers and radio announcers sometimes bulling personal opinions and attitudes. It is sooooo wrong that one announcer can sway his audience.  

In the good old days, the announcer would have probably been reprimanded or struck off if there was even a glimmer of personal opinion seeping through. 

Fair and equal discussion without bias and emotion!  That's what I want returned to our airways.


Well, the grandkids are growing up so beautifully and I am so proud of my kids as they rear these delightful little ones.  Miss Charli is 6 now and in first class at school - now where did that time go!  Little Cal is growing into a beautiful big boy and I will now have to drop the 'little' I think.  And Nix is gorgeous and crawling everywhere.  We have another bub on the way as well so our clan is ever growing....


Well, as you can see Lana has been away from the desk for a while and she has some very good reasons.  She is snowed under with family issues and that is time and energy sapping as you all well know.  

Keep up the 'Wisewoman' spirit Lana and when things settle down and we hope to see you back here entertaining us......


People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be                                                              Abraham Lincoln

Well wisewomen, it seems that Abraham believed that happiness is something that comes from within. I think he has a point.  

Is it something we manufacture, set our minds to or allow for ourselves.....if we are in control so stir up the pot and get yourselves in haaaaaappy mode...

Well that's all from me 



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Love the idea of the chemical free toothpaste Gigi. Where do you buy it?
Posted: 03-Sep-2014 07:50 PM | Anonymous |

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Bonjour everyone

Don’t knock the weather, nine-tenths of the people could not start a conversation if it did not change once in a while – K Hubbard

And so I am:

The heat, the rain – the weather!!!! It has gone absolutely crazy here in Australia.  

Nearly 50 degrees and raging bushfires one day followed by torrential rains and flooding.  At the moment you have no idea whether you are going to be hot or cold….clothing choices are a nightmare!!!!

Arhhh yes, it is summer and before Christmas, in anticipation of some lazy sunny days, we bought a gorgeous outside extension table and chairs and a very large umbrella.  You know the sort…with the arm that comes in from the side and hangs gracefully over the table.  

Well we have not used the umbrella at all.  Only put up in winds under 9 knots it says.  We get stiff breezes blowing in from the nearby coast. Disaster awaits...the umbrella is likely to take off into the neighbours.   It is such a shame as I have imagined such lovely affair with the glass table and floating umbrella!!!  

 At the moment the table is used as a large cover for the cat and dog kennel which fits neatly underneath.  At least it is of some benefit!!!

           Tosca and Remus in seventh heaven


The special feeling towards fruit, its glory and abundance, is I would say universal. We response to strawberry fields or cherry orchards with a delight that a cabbage patch or even an elegant vegetable garden cannot provoke – J Grigson

Gosh it is the best time of all with regard to fruit.  Everything is so fresh and ripe and tastes wonderful. We are stacking on the fruit sugar calories – but who cares!  

We have our own mango tree but rarely eat the fruit thanks to the enormous fruit bats.  Strong sea breezes also breaks them free from the stem….darn it.  I have salvaged a few but it seems a pity not to have a feast of home grown.  

I see this house as I drive to work and it is fair to say a fruit tree preserver lives here that is for sure.

If you have those pesky little fruit flies, check out my solution here.


During a campaign the air is full of speeches and vice versa – Author Unknown

So the good news is we are having an election right down the end of the year – and the bad news is the ‘clock starts now’!  Yes, we’ll be sick to death of the constant media barrage that is for sure.  

What I really really, really don’t like is the signs. They end up being everywhere and it just spoils the beauty of the streets and countryside.  Overly grinning faced sign confronting you wherever you go – total eyesore!!!! 


The cure of the part should not be attempted without the cure of the whole - Plato

Oh yes now, have you heard about the ‘Canary in your trousers’!!!  

It’s a bit of a play on words and idea quite frankly – I think it is a stroke of genius.  

We have all heard of ‘Budgie (as in Budgerigar) Smugglers’ – a very Aussie term for very small nylon swimwear for men covering that just covers their groin. 

Well, the 45 Years and Up Study has coined the phrase the ‘canary in your trousers’ but it is not just about having a different sort of bird down there.  

It’s because any erection problems could be an alert for heart disease.  The canary is well known for its super warning powers.  If it’s a problem down there, get yea to a doctor and make sure it and your ticker are OK!!


             Party Girls

There more you praise and celebate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate!            Opah Winfrey

It’s a family birthday bonanza all round.  My daughter just had hers.  Lana is next and then it’s mine, Sweetie and then the big 90 party for MIL before the April/May ones.  So Happy Birthday Girls………another birthday ‘ouch’! Not, not, absolutely not looking forward to NEXT year......


Health is the vital principle of bliss and exercise of health - J Thomson

       Do feel like a bit of an elephant - I do!!!!

Well, well, well, how is it going?  Since I last wrote I have been on target….three times a week at the gym.  I am feeling stronger and bouncier and a whole lot better.  

Have I lost weight!!!  Not the aim at the moment…it is about getting the Exercise sparkle!!!  That’ll do for a start. And Hey, all the ageing news says I will live longer too.  Now that can’t be bad can it!

How are you going?  Are you motivated this year?  Have you modified your eating?  I have except for right this very second…as I sip on a glass of white wine and partake in a nice eggplant dip!!!!  Oh well, it is Saturday night so it is breakout night!!!! 

For Christmas we bought ourselves some golf clubs.  I had never played golf before but whilst on our holidays, we took to the 9 hole golf course at the resort.   have to say, I am not completely pathetic.  

We are sooooo keen and excited to get out there, but the weekends have been either busy, stinking hot or torrential rain…..This really is the trouble with outdoor sports…although tell that to a dyed in the wool golfer and they’d say piffle!!!  Nothing but being strapped to a hospital bed should stop you.  But a newcomer does not want to be put off I say….

But it is another of my hopes this year – to conquer the art of golf. 

Grab your exercise dreams and get them shaking this year…you can do it…..


If we don’t end war, war will end us – HG Wells

                       Canberra War Memorial

During the Christmas break we went to the War Memorial in Canberra. It is a very stately building that looks out across our Capital City.  I have been there many times and since my last visit, huge upgrading.

It has a spectacular display of the Australian involvement in all the wars across the globe.  If you are not Aussie, you might not know that our young men have been sent and are still being sent to wars (even though we are not personally ‘at war’ with anyone in particular) - World War I and II taking their greatest toll. 

      The magic of the dioramas bring the war to life

I was completely absorbed in the dioramas showing the utter despair and hopelessness these young men must have gone through.  Shipped off to the other side of the world, assuming they were in for a boys own adventure.  Movie newsreels were the only visual coverage – and a tad glorified.  They ended up being cannon fodder and dying in horrific circumstances.  

Australia lost nearly 60,000 servicemen during the War 1. War broke out in 1914 and one in five of those fit young men who went overseas failed to return. One in five!!!  It is quite distressing actually. 

And those who did make it home were most likely maimed or mentally affected for the rest of their days.  At that time, Australia had a population of only 4,948,990 who were mainly Anglo–Celtic.  Imagine the impact of erasing these men who were the future fathers in this country.

And from World War II, what struck me was the Sandakan Memorial room that has a large wall with the faces of the most handsome young men you could ever see.  All kitted out in their army hats and their faces shining with the adventure before them. Of the 2345 Australian and British soldiers captured by the Japanese at Sandakan, only 6 survived. You stand there looking at the wall and your heart weeps.  What a waste of life, what a tragedy!  

This little reflection room felt thick with sadness. 

Surely noone wants war.  Noone wants to mow others down in a hail of bullets or bomb them to oblivion. But it seems war is ever present.  People on this planet still fight physically for their assumed rights or to take power.  I have never really understood the misguided passion to ‘win at all costs’ and those who will gladly put their own countrymen in the line of fire to rarely achieve their desired results.  

Sadly it means that the peacemakers of the world are embroiled in this sordid game.

I will never understand the whole war thing; the need for it; the reasoning behind it; the absolute disregard for life value.  

                          I say ‘No’ to War………


Imagine working in the building that has this sign in the lobby

I took this in San Francisco....you'd have to be made of sturdy stuff or desperate for a job not be worried about its warning!


To be Happy this week as:

A sad soul can kill you quicker than a germ  (J Steinbeck)

There is always something wonderful to think about, do or embrace…..you are in charge of your own life.  Go on, pick up your soul and charge towards the good things.

Until next time


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Welcome to Wisewomensworld.

and Hello from the top of Australia

This is the start of a whole new exciting year and I am not accepting anything else than a brilliant one!!!! Lots of hopes and desires are set in place, let's make them a reality!!

So what have you decided to set in motion?  A new course, a new hobby, a new skills, more time for family, more time for yourself, becoming less busy or wanting to be more busy.....whatever it is - let this year be the one of great success.

I have been out of touch with you for a while, I know, but one of my New Year's Resolutions is to be on Wise Women a whole lot more.  Yes....we are going to work as a team to achieve things....you know what I mean...keep an eye on each other.....and at the end of 2013 we will pat ourselves on the back on our great accomplishments.


I went to a Halloween party this year...but it says a lot about my year!!

Last year for me was a bit without triumph!  I had ideas and dreams but I did I do anything about them!  I simply can't afford to let a single year slip by at my age without achieving goals. The main trouble with my year was I was plagued by my bad back and nausea which I allowed to completely dictate my life.  Gym took a back seat.  My diet became untamed.  Weight gained and my clothing became uninteresting. Disguise became more important than style!!! 

I was not pressing the heights of great joy in 2012.

All of that then affected my motivation.  I allowed 'out of control' to become how I became. Even the house and the garden became a burden too heavy.  Yes, I stopped doing all the things I champion. I, Gigi, was going backwards fast. Oh Nooooooooo!!!!

it is easy to throw in the towel!

Have you done that too?   Simply give in!  You see, it wasn't until I saw someone very special who was bent over double from his very bad back after returning from a trip overseas that I slapped myself into change.  Within a week he was transformed to practically normal by his personal training sessions.  What you gain from exercise is not only physical - it creates a huge mental shift as well.  I had to reclaim control over my body.  By feeling better mentally I would feel better physically.  

I have begun my gym again with a determination and drive to find my inner sparkle and hopefully loose the odd pound or two along the way!

And exercise if not the only thing I plan this year.  I plan to acquire new skills.  I have begun a course and by the end of the year I will let you know if I have succeeded.  And if I get to be 'brill' you might see a whole new look Wisewomensworld.

And not only that, I plan to finish some projects that remain undone.   I want to complete my half finished book.  During a big cleanup over the holidays,  I found a play I had written a few years ago and re-reading it had me in fits of laughter!!!!! It is pretty good if I do say so myself and it is utterly satisfying to have completed a project.  

Do you have something underway that you wonder whether you will ever finish?  Let's make a pack to get this thing finished!!!  No more dithering or setting aside.  The time has come!

And so the year begins.........Join me if you will as we take the year and make it work for us.



I spent 8 days in Paris this year

I travelled to Paris and Beijing (an unlikely combo if there was ever one) during November. When we arrived in Paris Mr G and I were struck down with a horrible stomach bug that stopped us eating initially, but it did not stop us from sight seeing.  Let me tell you, you can sight see no matter how ill you are because we have proved it!

glorious view from atop Notre Dame

Everyone talks about the beauty of Paris and it is absolutely true.  The buildings and bridges are so divine you almost cry with the glory of it all.  It must be the most beautiful city in the world.....but there is a blot!  

my least favourite building in the world

I cannot stand the The Centre Pomidou, the modern art building.  It is ugly and an eyesore.....don't take my word for it though...take a look at it yourself.The architects awarded the job were Italian and British and you really wonder if they were mocking the French!!!  I think so!   It simply does not make Paris a more beautiful place and with a bit of luck someone will pull it down in the not too distant future and replace it with a beautiful modern structure.  

When Mr G and I were  back to eating, we ate!!! Paris coffee is not great but they know how to make your taste buds dance with delicious patisseries and desserts.  


yes, we ate here in the gorgeous Pharamond Restaurant

One evening we went to a Jazz Bar, as you do!!  These bars are tiny, cramped and in hollows of buildings and they are a complete death trap - but who cares.. Anyhow, I sadly upended my extremely expensive cocktail all over the woman sitting next to me much to her and my horror.  It was a 'flick with the hand' accident and I was totally embarrassed as I raced to find cloths to dry her up.  Two sets of eyes glared at me with fury, her husband and mine! ...hers because I had ruined her lovely outfit and mine because I had wasted my drink!!!

you cannot get enough of looking at the beautiful buildings

We also went to see 'Tosca' at the Bastille Opera House.  Do as we did and go the the Opera house during the day and pick up superb seats for that evening.  Sitting there in that amazing building watching first class opera singers surrounded by opera lovers from all around the world was a pretty special experience.  Thoroughly recommend it.

We stayed in a tiny apartment in Tiquetonne Rue smack in the middle of Paris.  What it lacked in 5 star quality it made up for in location.  It was a real boon to live like the locals in your own little block of flats - we even had 'Remy' the Paris mouse living in the kitchen.....  We toured, walked, 'subwayed', photographed and ate our way through 8 wonderful days.  

And we were even asked for directions, so yes, we must have looked like locals......how sweet that was!!!

Next stop Beijing:

Slick, modern and sprawling...and surprisingly not as busy as I had expected. There were blue skies and no smog, not what I was expecting.  Apparently blue skies are almost unheard of in Beijing but there we were enjoying smogless air of a rare few pollution free days! 

on the Great Wall in China....Whahoooooo

 If we walked a lot in Paris, we walked double and more in China. It is a city of walking.  No wonder everywhere we went we saw old people doing their exercises.  They need to be fit! There is a subway but each station entrance seemed to be about a kilometre apart and then when you walk down the huge stairways underground....you walk for ages to get to your train.   We went to all the famous places and walked on the Great Wall, pretty dusted in snow.  Yes, I can tick that off the bucket list now.  


serene Lake Crackenbach

It is a beautiful mountain retreat in Australia's highest mountain range.  We stayed over the Christmas break with The Pot, Beautiful and Little Cal.  We did everything on offer:  played golf, tennis, swan, archery, rowed boats on the lake, rode bikes (and fell off them), walked the Thredbo River and did the BIG walk to the top of Australia - Mt Kosciusko.  

on the path - onwards and upwards

We began that walk at Charlottes Pass.  Your option might be to start at Thredbo as it is so much easier.  You can catch the chairlift and walk on mesh walkways.  Much quicker.  But we opted for the difficult one for some obscure reason..  With Little Cal on his back, my son carried this 18 month old, 20 kilogram chap for the 18 kilometre return walk.  It took 6 long hours on a very hot day.  How he managed - I do not know?   


this is the best time of year to see the beautiful wild flowers

We trekked along a dirt track in truly beautiful alpine countryside and at a point near the top, you rendezvous with the people coming from Thredbo (the easy option).  The 'Thredbo-ers'  looked like they had made a meal of their walk  - they weren't even sweating.  Even very old ladies and small children were galloping along. We, the Chalotte Pass-ers' were lathered in sweat, dusty and red faced and had gained the skill of being able to kill incredibly large Horse Flies with one swift blow!.  We had taken on the adventure and were finding out what we were made of.  We reached the top and took in the sublime 360 degree view. It was definitely worth the effort.

It was time to retrace our steps though.....a whole 9 long dusty kilometres. With about two kilometres to go I must admit I could hardly drag one leg past the other - well there is some degree of altitude you know!  Even Mr G was struggling, although he would vehemently deny this!  Beautiful was pretty much dancing along....but The Pot did not talk.  With grim resolution, teeth gritted and his shoulders braced he forged on. There was no giving up as he carried his precious burden. Then Little Cal promptly went to sleep and became a dead weight in the backpack. With our aching bodies,  we made it back and were we triumphant!!!  Yay...... We had success smiles stamped all over our faces for days.  We had made the summit of the highest mountain there is around here. 

we also went to the Mother of all Musters in Jindabyne for some family fun


Loved loved loved the book.  The 3D movie spectacle was riveting - it was truly a feast for the eyes. I loved the journey we are taken on and yes, I did like the first story best....rose coloured glasses can be a great choice...........but you will only know what I am talking about if you see it. So get on down to the cinema and check it out.


A dream doesn't become a reality through magic:  it takes sweat, determination and hard work           - Colin Powell

Let's get our heads focused on our goals and put in the hard yards.......success awaits.....just like reaching the top of Mt Kosciusko.....mountains can be scaled with willpower. 

And so to the end of this Wise Week..... until I write again, have a busy and fun filled life and get cracking on your dreams...


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Thanks for your post Gigi, good to see you back and full of optimism
Posted: 23-Jan-2013 12:33 PM | Sandra B |

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Well hello everyone 


How are you all!!!!I hope you are having the time of your Wise Women lives.......

Gosh Lana and I have been so busy that jumping on here for some Wise Women chatter has been a bit difficult......but here I am...salute!!!!!

Actually I have been writing you a story - using my creative juices to jumpstart some future wise weeks  So instead of hearing much from me today, why not head across to Did I go to Morocco with Karl Pilkington?  and let me know if you think I did! 

And some very exciting news: I am grandmother for the third time today.  A lovely little boy and my daughter managed her first born without an epidural.  I knew she was strong but she has certainly proved she is.  So lots of celebratory drinking tonight!!! 

And I am off to Paris and Beijing in a few weeks for some R & R or should I say E & D!!! (eating and drinking).  This will be my second time there and I hope that by having an apartment right in the heart of Paris we can really embrace Paris living. It should be lots of fun.  Don't worry, I will let you know all about it when I get home.

So for now 'a brief hello' and I'll write again soon.

In the meantime, keep yourselves busy, happy and in love with life itself......it is such a precious gift......

Love Gigi

Gigi ! | Friday, October 19, 2012 | Comments (6) | Trackbacks (0) | Permalink | back to top


Hi Janet

How about posting some photos of Bri and her beautiful son.

Posted: 25-Oct-2012 11:13 AM | Dee |
Good day! I could have sworn I've been to this website before but after browsing through some of the posts I realized it's new to me.
Anyways, I'm certainly delighted I found it and I'll be bookmarking it
and checking back regularly!

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Posted: 02-Nov-2012 02:52 PM | Kasey |
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HI Wise Women

How are you all going?

Hey ho, you are now looking at Lady Janet of Glencoe....well I couldn't use my French Gigi name now that I am a Lady of a Scottish Estate...now could I!


Mr G and I went to the charming hamlet of Bundanoon where the Scottish Clans from all around Australia get together and remember Scotland.  Mr G's surname and ancestory is Scottish and I have a smattering in my genes too so we visit this wonderful yearly festival whenever we can. 

There is always wall to wall tartan, bagpipes and traditional Scottish food....We watched the 'games' listened to the music, patted all manner of Scottish dogs and took millions of photos.  

But the real excitement for us was entering the town as ordinary old Mr and Mrs and left as Lord and Lady.  Yes, we can legally use this these titles and I will write a little article about it in due course.  How is it that we have become so esteemed!!!! Keep posted.....


I hope every single mother out there enjoyed every single minute of Mothers Day. Of course for me it is time to reflect on my own mum who passed away 3 years ago and whom I miss every day.  

Mr G and I hot tailed up to the Blue Mountains to take out remaining parent - Mr G’s 89 year old mum - and we took her out to lunch.  We have to make our mum's feel special because we simply do not know how long we will have them!!! 

Good on you Mums!!!


Did you have a great Easter to?  It really is a good time to have a good old get together with the family - lots of food and drink and everybody’s having a great time. 

We have a bonus of cerebrating the excitement as our daughter and her husband announced they are expecting their first baby. 


                            the waiting game

Little treasurers entering the world are certainly the spice of life for we grandmothers.  Golly, I am starting to feel old for goodness sake!


         Miss C dresses the scarecrow at the show

And as grandparents, a holiday trip to the Sydney Royal Easter Show with Miss C had us smiling and exhausted. 

What a treat this little lass is!  She was happy and joyful the whole day.  It was so much fun, but the real delight seeing what a gorgeous young lady she is growing into, polite, respectful, kind and loving.   What more could grandparents hope for….


So what has been happening in my life these days you might be wondering?

I had been laid low for about 3 months with horrible sciatica having lots of physio.  The other day I had a CT Scan and my back is crap!!!  Well, not really but the report makes it look particularly horrific. 

To put it simply, I have a slipped disc squashing onto a nerve that is coming out of a smaller than usual hole in the spinal column – so double whammy for me. But by golly, I just have to soldier on!!! 

In fact I have joined a Chronic Back Research Program at Concord Hospital and am learning some very nifty stomach and back muscle exercises that I believe will not only heal my back, but prevent me from getting incontinence and enhance my sex life!!!  

And it is for all those reasons I am diligently sticking with them!! Ha!

Oh yes...I have been down bad back alley before:


Mr G and I headed out for a new mattress hunt because the first thing the Dr asked when I presented my ailment was “what is your mattress like?’.  

On appraisal the mattress is pathetic really.  Well, it is 10 years old  and it is time to give it the hoy apparently!!!  We got down to it and trialled the beds…lying down on them that is!! 

Arhhh there are some beauties and the salesmen, they are good!!!  I am fully convinced that all mattresses are brilliant.  So how do I choose my new mattress? 

We sauntered into the Comfort Shop where the master of all masters gave his spiel about his stock.  At about $4,000 it seemed like it was a winner, but you know, I just couldn’t spend that sort of money on a mattress no mater how bad my bad was!  

And it was just foam!!  Well, not exactly ANY foam though.  It was Memory Foam and therefore cost a thousand times more than any ordinary old foam.  And you didn’t just buy the mattress with this king of foams; you bought the base at great cost.  The mind-blowing slat technology required you to crank up the slats or let them down!!!  Forget it!!  I am not interested in anything I have to operate!

But the ordinary beds with the pillow tops which have the Memory Foam and Latex were my favourites.  But which to choose!!!! I am assured by the many salespeople that I will notice an enormous difference to my sleep patterns and aching back.  I’ll let you know what I finally decide on and whether it makes a big difference to my health.  I really hope it is as easy as that.

Let me know if you have a great mattress that has changed your life simply by giving you a brilliant night’s sleep.  I am all ears……


           Mr G (Highlanders) Gigi (Red Hot Mamas)                             

I see Lana has been to a 60 birthday party with the ‘western’ theme and wow, doesn’t she look fabulous in her ‘getup’!. 

We were invited to my older brothers 60th birthday and as he has bought a ‘bike’ - so a biker party it was.  My daughter had moved into her new house that day and piked out, but my sons, daughters in law and we, donned the biker do (although one son wore a policeman's getup) and we had a fantastic night.  

Mr G looked the part with his grey beard and with his leather jacket and skulls bandanna – well, he fooled me!!!  In fact, he was pretty darn sexy dressed with a tad of danger!!  I wore a read leather skirt and black leather jacket and said I was from the ‘Red Hot Mamas’ – well I am a red hot mama so it only seemed ‘right’! I am still removing the transfer tattoos from my body!

The fun didn't stop after the party as Mr and G and I were pulled over by police at a breath testing area - Mr G does not drink and drive...but his bikie getup was definitely a source of amusement for all.........

                                The family


We have had a bit of a change of things at our house as our 25 year old nephew J is living in our upstairs ‘apartment’.  He is recuperating from an illness.  I have become resident counsellor and I must say I find the role a challenge and actually enjoyable.  He is such a great young man and as I see him move forwards I feel truly rewarded.

And because Jack is living upstairs, we have had to do some house things!  You know all about Mr G and home renovations – ummmmmm – we are renovating the bathroom and kitchen upstairs and I think Mr G has come to the end of his tether. 

If you tuned in the other night you would have heard my hysterical laughter…we a sort of screaming really!  Maybe this was not quite the response expected from such a situation but it was either laugh or cry!

If you want to know what happened…. it goes like this….

I wanted to replace a curtain rail with a glass shower screen and managed to get one from the Trading Post.  I was keen to get one because I did not want water leaking out upstairs and coming in on my beautiful professionally renovated bathroom and laundry below. 

Unfortunately the screen was smaller and that meant we had to mastermind the linking it to the wall.  It took no end of trips to the Hardware Store and many hours of labour to install the pieces.  Mr G and I worked as a team to get it done – such a wonderful husband and wife thing!!!  Not!!!

Finally a jubilant Mr G installed the taps to the cubicle and went outside to switch the water back on.  Shower cubicle completion at last!!!

As he was coming in the back door he said to J, “Let’s take that refrigerator upstairs now.”  As they started their way up the very long staircase, I went into our downstairs laundry.

There, from the ceiling fan, poured a waterfall that was filling my laundry fast.  I screamed out:  My God, there is water pouring through the ceiling = what’s happening!’

Imagine if you will - the two of them halfway up the stairs manoeuvring the fridge and receiving this panicked message from me.  None of us could do anything.  I couldn’t get past them to get to the second floor and they couldn’t abandon the fridge. They just had to keep hauling the fridge with me yelling, “Quick!’

When he got to the top Mr G ran into the bathroom and shot back down the stairs.  ‘What’s wrong’ I inquired!!!  ‘There’s water flying everywhere’ he yelled as he raced to turn the water off at the mains. 

I ran upstairs.  Now, the only thing that was wrong was that he had turned the taps on full blast which meant the water was pouring full force out of the shower head.  The unfortunate bit to this was he had hung the shower head over the screen door, so the water spewed in an arch, completely missing the bathroom tiles and the bathroom floor drain and straight onto the polished floor boards in the kitchenette area. 

You know, all he had to do was loop the head inside the shower instead of dashing to the front yard to turn the water off.  That would have actually saved a few more hundred gallons of water from disappearing between the floor boards and down into my beautiful professionally built bathroom and laundry. 

So I flipped the shower head inside the shower and waited for his return!!!

As I grabbed towels from the cupboard and started mopping up, I started laughing and couldn’t stop.  All I could think about was this is definitely a Frank Spencer moment!!! 

So I have decided to Hire a Hubby from now on and definitely not mine!!!


Are you still on the job?  Need I ask? 

      Are you streaking along leaving everyone else in your wake!

Golly I have been hampered I must say as I try to keep my fitness alive and well.  Sciatica is definitely a pain in the derrière!!!!  I have been going to gym but being very gentle.  You know the sort of thing:  I do what I call the ‘granny aerobics’  and have the look of an ‘unco newby’!!!  Ouch!!!  My pride is certainly taking a battering!!!

I stopped going for about 6 weeks at the beginning of the problem but I could no longer stay away.  I was feeling depressed that I couldn’t participate in the thing I love so much.  So folks…..’granny aerobics’ is it for me. 

This is the one thing about getting older.  You know you have the energy and capability to do the exercise but bits of the body decide they will give you a challenge!!  Ha, it is challenging being older.

As I have said before – it is not about being thin, it is about being healthy! And also nothing beats walking when you are stuck with a problem I have found!

Just to make you feel happy take a jig!!!!

Puttin on the Ritz!!!!


Is it grey and rainy where you are?

Isn’t just the same old, same old when you open the newspaper.  You start to wonder how the world has gotten so darn awful.  

Well, there are people out there in cyberworld who have made a commitment to show ‘good’ news.  You know, enlightening, heart warming, amazing, rewarding, inspiring etc.  

Here are some of the websites – I don’t mind giving them a plug!!!






Take a look around some of these and let us or them know what you think.  

Do you think you could change your outlook when your download is happy and healthy stuff?  It beats filling up on killings, accidents and political dramas doesn’t it!!! They only tend to drag us down and make us feel depressed...   

So stay well informed in a happy hearted way....try it.....


Lana and I kick up our heels at a 5yr birthday party

Well folks, I saw Lana the other day and she is looking fighting fit and we had a lot of fun catching up!!!  Check out her blog and find out what she has been up to.

If you would like to write a comment below feel free, and contact us to let us know how you are coping with your wise years, or any other comment on our articles.


             Isn't it a relief!!!!

Searching around for a quotation this time I stuck upon this one and decided it seemed to fit my life – and maybe yours – at the moment

Time is what prevents everything from happening at once

 – J Archibald Wheeler ….. Thanks to http://www.quotegarden.com

Isn’t it good to know we actually have time for everything!!!!!

Enjoy the fact that life is metered out in a step by step way – even though at times it feels like it is all happening at once!!!

 Joy love and big hugs to you all…..

Love GIGI (Lady Janet)

                                        The clan grows
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Atowi qi id, how to last longer in bed oI jakakabemi otitevak o hufis.
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