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Hi and Welcome Wise Women

Nearly Easter already!

I hope you too have made plans to enjoy the Easter break with family and friends.

My Week

Last week I caught up with Gigi and Roslyn Motter (author) for lunch.

It was a fun day and 3 of us wise women had much to discuss. Roslyn is such a personality and her stories were so hilarious she had us in stitches. 

Isn' it great sharing good times with the girls.

We're currently writing a skit about our day to share with you (I'll keep you posted).

Recently I visited my 7 year old grandson’s school for Grandparent’s Day and took my seat in the school hall where the students were performing for us. As they enthusiastically entered the hall, I caught sight of my grandson Tait as he took his partner by the hand and began the dance routhine (along with the rest of his class). In a hall full of grandparents I’m sure I was the only one with tears trickling down my face...how embarrassing.

I’m such a pathetic sook but I’m also a very proud granny!  

After the entertainment, we moved to his classroom and as I glanced around the room, I noticed that something was missing...no blackboard. I was just about to ask where the blackboard was when the teacher explained that blackboards are now a thing of the past. "Today we use smart boards" she said. These white electronic boards are the same size as the now defunct blackboard and are interactive. The teacher and the pupils can touch the screen to move words and objects around. Lessons can be also be accessed by home computers. Haven't times changed!

On the 14th April, poor little Tait will be undergoing operation number 24 on his leg (he was hit by a car) so please spare some prayers for him – he’s a top kid.

My friend’s husband recently celebrated his 60th birthday at home and his daughter and son-in-law honoured him by arranging a surprise party.

When Mr J and I arrived at his home we were ushered to our seats at an outdoor table as it was such a lovely balmy evening. We were then handed a menu from their faux eatery “Cafe Sixty” – how clever. Several delectable courses were on offer and each was described in mouth-watering, blissful detail.

Their catering and table service was remarkably professional and the food was nothing less than perfection.

What a fabulous evening – we were spoiled rotten as we chatted and laughed the night away!

This proves that having kids (sometimes) can be fun!

Hey Dad's C
hild Abuse

The Australia media has been in a frenzy of late as it revealed the shocking allegation that one of our all time favourite family television shows (Hey Dad)allegedly covered up the scandulous fact that the lead actor was molesting a child cast member on the set.

The child, who is now 32, alleges that she was inappropriately touched by this actor who played her father on the show. This behaviour unbelievably continued on for a number of years.

Why was nothing done?

The victim has flown in from the US (where she now lives) to lodge a formal complaint with the investigating police. The alleged perpetrator who denies everything, is currently living in Singapore. I’ll let you know how the investigation progresses.

Read Gail’s O'Keeffe's own horrific story about her childhood sexual abuse

10 Years Younger

I have been following Carolyn’s Facial Fitness routine over the past couple of months which involves exercising my face for 15 minutes, 5 days a week. I can really see the muscles starting to tighten. Carolyn looks amazing for her age and contributes it all to her program.

Read more about the program

Visit Gigi

Gigi has been sticking to her healthy eating plan and has been religiously keeping up her fitness training and the results speak for themselves. Click on to her blog as she has loads to tell you this week.

Wise Words

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down”.

Oprah Winfrey

“Have a wonderful Easter wise women, remember to take time for family and friends and don’t eat too many of those chocolate eggs”.

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Happy Easter Wise Women

Wherever you are in the world or however you are celebrating Easter, I hope you have a very happy time.

At this time of year many of us take the time off from our busy lives to spend a fews days away with family and many of us take the time to catch up with friends. Many of us go to church and many of us take time out to relax and chill out. It's a great time of the year and a great time to do what makes you happy.

In Sydney at present it has been unseasonably hot and at this time of the year having hot "summer like" weather is fabulous as we have the annual Royal Easter Show which is a huge event that spans nearly two weeks. Children are currently enjoying two weeks off school and are usually badgering their parents or grandparents to take them to the "show".

I'm not taking my grandchildren to the show this year, instead I'm taking 2 of them on vacation to Sea World Resort in Surfers Paradise, I know my husband and I will be kept on our toes trying to keep a 5 and 9 year old entertained. Wish us luck!

Well I hope the Easter Bunny is generous to you this year and brings you lots of Easter Eggs. Enjoy yourself and don't worry about the calories as Easter Eggs don't count!

Have a happy and safe easter and I look forward to my next blog.


PS don't forget to tuck into these too -



Lana x


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