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Hi Wise Women and Welcome

I hope all you mothers celebrated Mother’s Day and were totally spoilt!

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? Please share your story with us

I’d like to apologise for my absence of late but I have been working on various projects and one in particular is being involved in workshops helping people with stress, anxiety and depression which effects the majority of us sometime during our life. This is a fantastic program –and we’ll launch our first one late July so I will keep you posted.

All About Me

I am into my second week of a three week liver and gall bladder cleansing diet. I religiously take two tinctures first thing in the morning and two others last thing at night. Each one of them tastes just as bloody disgusting as the other! Absolutely no alcohol, no coffee and a diet filled with fresh organic food are currently part of my everyday life. Although on the flip side, my skin is looking so much better, my eyes are clear (they haven’t been like that for a while) and I’ve lost a couple of kilos (so far). The tinctures are quite strong and purging on the body, but I know it’s not forever….but… I’m hanging out for a lovely glass of chilled bubbly!

Here is the link to the tinctures I’m taking -http://easternhealingarts.com/EHA_SpecialHealingHerbs.html, however, as with any diet that you embark on – check with your health advisors first.

Get Pampered

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How often do you allow yourself to be pampered?

Why do many of us go on a guilt trip because we wish to spend time and money on looking and feeling good? I used to think like that until I learned that it’s okay to pamper ourselves, we deserve to feel good about ourselves. If we value ourselves, people around us will see we are worth valuing too.

I recently had my hair done with my wonderful stylist Kylie, as I do more regularly these days as those silver roots mercilessly emerge every 4 weeks.

As you can see (below), I was caught out looking less than glamorous wearing half of my broken magnifying glasses. I opted for the cheap alternative to expensive prescription glasses as I tend to lose them far too often and it was costing me a small fortune to replace! After seeing this picture, I think it's time to reinvest in a good pair of specs as "the look" certainly doesn't do much for me wanting to appear stylish and intelligent!

Party Fun

I seem to be attending a lot of 60th birthday parties lately – it’s the year of turning 60! I recently turned up to a “Ho Down”, (country and western party) dressed up in my best cow girl gear.

We had a fun night pulling out our guns on each other and tipping our hats. The food and music was great and the company even better! I think when we reach a certain age our inhibitions wane, particularly on the dance floor. It’s almost like we have all decided to take onboard the old adage – “dance like no one is watching”….(well that’s what I do and a few glasses of sav blanc helps with the “moves”).

Grandma’s Corner

Last Easter school Holidays my husband and took 2 of our grandchildren for a week’s holiday at Sea World Nara Resort in Surfers Paradise Queensland. We had our nine year old grandson and five year old granddaughter who had never been away from her parents for more than one night so we were slightly concerned about how she would react…

To our delight they both had so much fun. Sea World was our neighbour and we were able to spend a couple of wonderful days there exploring as well as spending fun times in the enormous resort pools.

Tait and Liana had the privileged opportunity to interact with the dolphins…in their words, “totally awesome nanny”.

Liana & Tait right side of trainer

Five year old Liana started big school this year and I had the opportunity to visit the school for the Easter hat parade. The kids loved it!

My other two grandsons Brody and Cruz are growing up fast too and are both as cute as buttons.

Lana’s Beauty Bar

Get rid of under eye bags! Although often hereditary, you can build the blood and lymphatic and blood circulations to counter these bags. If they persist, use a darker shade of matt concealer to help disguise them. To kick start the circulation, simply tap your fingers along your lower eye socket, from the inside corner to the outer eye.

Lana’s Health Clinic

Detox in the bath! An Epson salts bath is an effective an enjoyable way to help detox your body. It’s simple and cost effective and it’s best done in the evening. Empty 1kg of salts into a deep warm bath (not hot) and agitate the water until the salts have solved, relax for about 10 minutes. Use a mitt or loofah to massage your body and loosen dead skin cells. The magnesium salts will draw out toxins through your skin and the massaging action with stimulate both blood and lymph circulation. Massage your face with a flannel. After your bath, towel dry, moisturise and wrap up warmly. The mineral bath may cause you to sweat and feel tired so it’s important to replace lost fluids by drinking plenty of water.

Words of Wisdom

People forget what you say, they forget what you did,
but they never forget how you made them feel.
(Maya Angelou)

A Little Giggle for you

We spend the first twelve months of our children's lives teaching them to walk and talk and the next twelve telling them to sit down and shut up.
(Phyllis Diller)

Visit Gigi

Time for some inspiration from Gigi

Until Next Time Wise Women – “remember to value yourself always”.

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