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Wise Women Blog Lana

Hi and Welcome Wise Women

I Hope you have enjoyed your week and found time to have some fun.

I’m really feeling excited about our upcoming event – “Wise Women Talk”.

It’s all about women and how we can look great, feel amazing and be inspired and enthused.

The show is at The Tradies Club in Gymea NSW on the 9th March at 6:45pm.

Tickets can be purchased at the club for $29.90 including a 2 course meal, or by calling or emailing me – 0404 066 319

I sure hope you can join us.

My Week

Sailing into Sydney Harbour with husband and grandchildren.
I'ved finally stopped swaying after my cruise!
I want to take this opportunity to wish all the Lovers around the world a very
Happy Valentines Day.
The florists and restaurants are expecting one of their busiests days of the year and good luck to them.

 hubby is not that into Valentine's Day so I took the liberty of booking us a restaurant so we can celebrate our love on a quieter day and at least I don't miss out on a bit of romance.

During the week I also celebrated my 56th birthday with a family breakfast cruise on the river - it seems cruising is the thing for our family this year. It was a great day and I loved catching up with my 4 gorgeous grandchildren again.

I'm such a fortunate woman and I am so grateful!

My Cruise

As promised, I am reporting back to you on my recent family cruise.

We had been anxiously waiting for this trip for nearly a year and when the day finally arrived, my son and daughter-in-law arrived at our home in a stretch limo to pick us up as they were celebrating their anniversary on this day.

Talking about going in style!

We even popped the cork of a bottle of French champagne and it was only 9.30 in the morning!

Boarding the cruise ship was an exciting experience particularly watching my grandchildren’s eyes light up in awe at the sight of this glorious looking liner.

We spent the afternoon and evening exploring the ship and watched in amazement as we slowly sailed out of Sydney Harbour on a perfectly balmy, summer’s night.

If you haven’t seen Sydney Harbour from the water - put in on your “bucket list”.

As the lights of the city faded and the blackness of the sea and night enveloped us, the ship started to roll.

By morning the swell was 7 metres high and the ship was rocking and rolling in a way that doesn’t make you feel good.

We were in the wake of Cyclone Vanna and her curse was causing many of the passengers and crew to be seasick.

It’s not a pretty sight to see that many people throwing up!

The medical team were kept busy administering injections to the badly affected.

The dream holiday was starting to turn into a nightmare…

The ship’s captain decided to change course to take us to calmer waters and the change of itinerary meant that islands that we were expecting to visit were taken off the agenda.

Mystery Island

Even though many were disappointed with the changes we were supremely happy to be back to smooth sailing once again.

The next morning we arrived in sunny Noumea and it was such a relief to be back on terra firma.

We took a trip on a petite train to savour all the sites that this charming French Island had to offer.

The next day we arrived at an unexpected island – Mystery Island. We could see the damage that cyclone Vanna had wreaked on this uninhabited paradise but it was still a spectacular, unspoilt piece of heaven.

All seemed perfect…until..

My husband and I decided to return to the ship an hour earlier than the last departure time as the burning sun was particularly harsh on my lily white skin. My daughter and her husband decided to stay behind to enjoy some ‘lone time’ on the island.

Soon after we settled back onboard, there was an emergency announcement from the Captains Bridge, informing us that the jetty on the island that had sustained previous damage from the cyclone had now broken away from the shore.

My daughter and son-in-law where marooned. “How would they be rescued?” I thought, feeling a tad panic stricken.

It took around 3 nail biting hours for the rescue crew to return the remaining passengers to the ship.

A sigh of relief!

The next day was spent in Vanuatu and we decided on an adventure trip that had us driving Mad Max style dune buggies through the tangled, tropical forest.

We took turns driving and my husband decided to drive through a huge puddle (a male thing) and it was so unexpectedly deep that a wave of stinking mud and (whatever else) flooded over us.

I was not impressed!

By the time the trip was over the sun had dried the mud on us and I could hardly stand up.

We had to be hosed down to be allowed back on the ship!

The last island we visited was Ouvea and it had been severely damaged by the cyclone. How sad to see such an idyllic, Melanesian paradise decimated.

Cruising back home

Our cruise back into Sydney was fantastic and we enjoyed spending precious time with our family and all that onboard cruising had to offer.

Of course we ate and drank too much – with midnight buffets and poolside parties, the temptation was too great to resist…that’s cruising.

Sunrise over Sydney Harbour


3 of my grandkids

Australian's Tears

Every time I turn on the news I see horrible, gut wrenching visions of mother-nature at her devastatingly worst. Floods and bush fires are annihilating this country of ours.

People have lost everything and are destitute. The anguished and tortured looks on their faces is heartbreaking to say the least.

And now that the initial shock is over, many people are feeling total despair and depression is becoming a real concern.

Australians that have not been affected by these horrendous events have joined together with such mateship and generosity of spirit to give a much needed helping hand or instead have liberally donated money or goods.

I am so proud to be Australian!

My heart goes out to the courageous victims of these disasters and I wish and pray that you are able to get your lives back to normal as soon as possible and that you are able to heal from your loss.

If you can help please contact http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html



Visit Gigi

Cheers and happy b'day to you Gigi

Gigi had an exciting time on Australia Day recently – see what she got up to.

Also, a big Happy Birthday to Gigi’s this week.

Wise Words

Wisdom doesn’t automatically come with old age. Nothing does – except wrinkles. It’s true, some wines improve with age. But only if the grapes were good in the first place.

-      Abigail Van Buren

Until next week wise women –

“ Attend to any medical issues or health requirements you may have".  You need to make yourself number 1.


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Shall see you at Gymea on the 9th Lana, sounds like a great night
Posted: 16-Feb-2011 11:06 PM | Maureen |
Sounds like a cruise can be full of fun and dramas, but what a great thing to enjoy with the family. Always looking for great ideas so shall put this on the list
Posted: 16-Feb-2011 11:08 PM | Margery Bingham |

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