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pdate Your Skills With Free Training



Is it time for you to return to work?

Do you need to update your skills?

Do you have time on your hands i.e.; the kids have grown up and you’d like to rejoin the workforce?

Has your circumstances changed and you need an income to support yourself?

Would you like extra money to take that well deserved overseas trip?

Many of us would like to rejoin the workforce but we don’t have the necessary skills or we need to update our skills to qualify for position. I recently spoke with the
Manager of the National Institute of Training about their nationally recognised and accredited training that encompasses various industries. They are currently offering Certificate II Training in:

• Business
Customer Contact
Food Processing

Hospitality Operations

Process Manufacturing

Retail Operations

Transport & Distribution (Warehousing & Storage)


Lana interviews the Manager of National Training institute Dean Shrimpton:

– The training is comprehensive, how much does it cost?

A – (Manager of NIOT) Training is provided FREE OF CHARGE if you are:

• 25 years or older

• A permanent Australian Resident

• Have not completed Year 12 or Certificate II level qualifications or higher either in Australia or overseas.

Q – Where can we receive training and what is the duration of most of your courses?

A Our organization (National Institute of Training Pty Ltd) delivers its training in classroom environments around Australia and is some cases online.

Our courses are delivered flexibly to suit our students.

Classroom delivery is also available between the hours of 9.00am – 4.00pm.

Morning tea and lunch is provided daily FREE of charge.

Courses can also be delivered on a part-time basis. Distance can sometimes be a deterrent, therefore we can offer flexible off-site learning.

Our trainers utilize the latest developments and initiatives in the industry.

Q – What are the benefits for women enrolling in a vocational education course?

A – Lana, there are numerous benefits. I’d like to share a number of comments we have received from women who enrolled with the National Institute of Training on why training would benefit them; 

"Being a stay at home mum I would like to have done something in my own time to help me back into the workforce."

"To obtain a qualification in my field of work."

"I wish to be employed in the Hospitality Industry. I have found it hard to find a job and would like the opportunity to gain a certificate which would help me with this problem."

"By enrolling in a vocational education course it will help me find work in the future."

"I have a lot of hands on experience but no qualifications."

"I believe if I learn a basic course, then I will want to study further ."

"I am a trained waitress and I would like to get back into the Hospitality field."

Marc -  I’d also like to share comments received by participants who have completed our courses;

"The course gave me knowledge of the Hospitality industry and it gave me confidence to get a job."

"I had heaps of laughs, the teacher was great, overall a very good course ."

"The course was excellent."

Very good I really enjoyed it ".

"Very exciting and I appreciate the opportunity."

"Really worth it. Gives great knowledge of the Hospitality industry."

"Very interesting course, I learned a lot more and was very impressed."

Lana – I believe this is a wonderful opportunity for women who meet the criteria to refresh their skills or learn new skills, enabling them to optimize their chances of securing suitable employment.

Contact National Institute of Training-

You can contact the National Institute of Training via direct link (on the left hand side of wise womens world home page) or by logging onto

 OR telephone toll free 
1800 635 990.  

“Australian Skills Vouchers is an Australian Government Initiative”, as well as providing a link to the Skills for the Future website,