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Over 50 Clothing       

When you are over 50 –

what’s with it with clothes!!! 


What can we do to look more fashionable when we are older! 

How can we add pizzazz to our look!


   Gloria always has that zing

Well, I notice that accessories make a difference but they do need to go on an outfit that has been carefully thought out !!!!


I guarantee though, if you go out and buy a piece of fabulous current jewellery, or a ‘with it’ scarf, some swish shoes and a blindingly ‘now’ handbag, you will definitely look up to date. 


First of all though, we need to go right back to the beginning and look at our clothes and at our age we have probably decided what style suits us.  We might feel comfortable only in our stock favourites - slacks, full skirts, blazers, full over shirts etc. 


For instance, if you love wearing trousers, try to make sure they are a solid colour and absolutely flatter your shape. 


Once you have ‘the’ item of clothing that you swear by and you feel completely comfortable wearing, you have the basis for all your other articles of clothing and accessories this is where you can go out on a limb!

You might be a blazer woman, blouse, t-shirt, or ‘pull on top’ kind of gal.  This is where I recommend you think carefully about your next purchase. 

If you have always gone for the big comfy blouse that hangs over the top, try to rethink this look as it really isn’t that mind blowing, is it?  But if you must, must, must go this way please at least think ‘interesting’ and ‘stunning’ when you make the purchase.  For goodness sake don’t just think comfortable. 


You can’t tell me that all these stunning, hot, sexy young women who look fabulously with it and gorgeous – are comfortable. No, no, noooooo!!!!! 


•    They forego comfort for ‘the desired look’. 
•    Ask them if they worry if their boobs are going to fall out of their incredibly skimpy tops and low plunging necklines. 

•    Ask them if they worry they are going to loose their jeans when they ride so low off their hips.


Don’t worry, they have worries about uncomfortable but they cope.   Because they want to look ‘with it’ and with designers pushing ‘way out’ looks, these young women suffer in the need to look fashionable. 


SO MUST WE to some extent.


So I am asking you not to go the 'completely' comfortable route!!!! 


If you step into a tracksuit every day, then you are definitely an all round ‘comfortable’ woman.  You probably don’t even care what others think (and while I think that is an admirable quality) with clothing, it really shouldn’t be your thought option. 


What you should be thinking is ‘looking good’ and if you can THROW IN SASSY,CHIC OR SEXY – well, well done you! 

So somewhere along the line we have to bypass comfortable to a degree.


So back to the beginning, once the black slacks are on (your very favourite clothing article, the one that makes you feel the most comfortable) pick out tops that do actually make you look good.  Really think about the purchase. 

The usual acres of colourful flowers in a shirtmaker style will not necessarily cut it.  And anyway, what is it with women who want to dress like a man in trousers and a shirt when they get older.  I know testosterone kicks in but, come on girls, we can do better than that!!!!


Black pants and an interesting top please!!!!!  Get help from younger friends and family.  Seek out the shop assistant.  DON'T BE SHY!  Ask them to look for something for you.  This year we are lucky that the layered look is fashionable and this works well for us wiser women.  I know it is foreign for us to put together layers upon layers of clothing, but ask the shop assistant to help put together an outfit for you. 

Try something different, something now!


Build up your outfit with interesting and sassy tops.


Then, the real fun takes over. 


Make it your mission to seek out bits of interesting jewellery (always check out the specials rack because they don’t really need to cost and arm and a leg). 

Jewellery can transform an outfit.   


You are now in your black pants with a colourful red lack and white layered top looking fabulous with a striking black and silver chain necklace and earrings.  You look trendy and fresh.

All I can say about making improvements to your look is do something brave!!! 

Don’t be bland, don’t be shy…..be noticed!!!!


Looking at shoes, I know they are a real problem.  The comfortable shoes (how we all pine for them) can often be boring unless you are prepared to spend a lot of money.  But try to think about the look of your shoes when you make that purchase and go for something interesting. 


When I was in France in November, the one thing I noticed was Parisian women wearing flat shoes.  Yes, that’s right.  Maybe these women slip into their high heels once they enter their offices, but out on the streets, flat!!!!  

I was so impressed with their sensible shoe height that I was beyond excited but they wear very stylish flat shoes and boots.


So you can smarten up a less than lustre wardrobe with some careful thought and some real interest in the selections you make.  If you pass money over the counter for any item, make the purchase transform you into something really special. 


Last but not least, when I was in France the thing that stood out for me was the women's  ‘air of style’ .  They walk around like they expect to look fabulous – it gives them a slightly snobby look but honestly, it works……


So once you have donned your black pants, your colourful and up-to-date top, your fabulously interesting and brave jewellery and your comfortable but gorgeous shoes, walk the hell around with your chin in the air and feel god damn sexy. 


If you want to look good and feel great, you have to make an effort with your clothing choices.  Just because we are wiser doesn’t mean we can forget about our sexuality and our feminine side. 

We still have the goods and we need to show them off.

We need to believe in our beauty, because if we don't, no one else will!!


So get interested and buzzing with your wardrobe and love the look you create. And stick that chin out and get the French look of “I’ve got it all”. 

Surprise your partner and amaze your friends. 


Good luck and have fun.

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