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Clothing Maketh the Woman

Clothing is all about YOUR style and how you wish to present yourself, enjoying what you wear and feeling proud of your image.
We've started off with some simple ideas and information but it doesn't mean we are not looking at all options.  There will be some of you who love to buy top class clothing and we will certainly be taking a look at this fashion and also trying to find the simple tricks that will make a difference.

Styles:  Take a look at coming to terms with your shape so you have a better understanding of how to work out what suits you best. Have a bit of fun in the department store with this project!

Shapes:  Why some clothing makes the difference. Check this out.

Fashion:  Being fashionable can mean we end up forgetting the "f" word....'flatter'  Also, check out how wearing RED can change how you feel and how people react.

Get That Look:  Master your skills with discount shopping and look out for the perfect bargain. 

Image:  We discuss shoes so sit back enjoy this article about heels and comfort - the impossible dream!

Designers:  If you think you can't afford Designer Clothing - try Vintage. We are starting off at the affordable end!

Lingerie:  We ask "Why does the 'comfort factor' take a hold?"

These stories are a little taste of some aspects of 'getting dressed".  We hope to bring you some expert advice and some great ideas so keep you not only informed, but also entertained.