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Barbara Ann Hart
Barbara Hart

Barbara Hart from Sanford, North Carolina USA recently contacted Gigi and I after visiting our website, to let us know that she had published a book, The Lives of Abused and Battered Women. She felt that her book may improve the lives of women who are in the same position as she was in and inspire them to move on and heal.

Barbara is a spiritual and religious woman who has obviously been physically and emotionally abused in her life, her story gives a frank and heart breaking account of a troublesome and dysfunctional relationship.

In our interview Barbara answers my questions openly and fervently. Her responses will touch your heart as she reveals her depth of pain and anguish.

She is genuinely passionate about inspiring, encouraging and assisting others who have also been embroiled in damaging and hurtful relationships.

The Interview between Lana and Barbara.

: Hi Barbara, tell us a little about yourself

Barbara: I’m a 53 year old single parent, never been married. I work an eight hour job but haven’t received a raise in about five years. I have always tried to do what was right, which always put me on the tail end of things. I guess you could say that I’m alone against the world, or so it seems.

I’m also an author of another book, Heart-Boosting Poetry’ which was published in November through Publish It consists of spiritual poems, love; the loss of a loved one-which can be interpreted as a death or a break up, friendship, and a couple in remembrance of mother. As for me; I wrote them down and put them in this book.

Lana: Tell us why you wrote your book?

Barbara: I was prophesised to one Sunday in church to write this book for the simple fact that I’d been where many other women had been, therefore I could relate to some of the things that they felt. I wanted to be an inspiration to women by letting them know that they were not alone. I know all too well how your heart pounds in your chest to be treated so brutally and cold by the one person that is supposed to love and treasure you like a goddess. My main purpose was to let women know that no matter what they feel that they are a true treasure. I wanted to send them words of hope.

Lana: How did you go about writing the book?

Barbara: I thought of things that I’d seen and heard and I put it together. I knew that I had to include myself in it or that it wouldn’t have any meaning. I knew that no one could tell the story the way that it had to be told unless they had walked in the shoes. I had to think of a way to say things without offending anyone. I tried to avoid the subject of the physical abuse, but my heart just wouldn’t let me do it. I knew that it was time for a change; it was time for the mess to stop being swept under the rug. I tried to be sensitive to everyone’s’ feelings. I thought of words of encouragement to get women through the day and the night. I put my heart out there so that the world could see, in order to be a blessing to all women.

Lana: How did you have it published?

Barbara: At first I checked out publishers, and didn’t know where to really turn. The fact that I had to pay up front was a problem. One publisher told me that they couldn’t publish my book because there was too many bad things in it, which I thought was bad because, how can you sugar-coat the fact of being abused. So! I called Infinity Publishing, told them the name of my book and they told me that they would publish it for me.

Lana: Barbara did anyone co-write the book with you?

Barbara: No.

Lana: Have you contacted any television shows to talk about your book?

Barbara: Yes. I haven’t gotten a response from anyone except your company (wise womens, and I thank God for you for giving me a chance. I pray that God will bless you and keep you forever and a day.

Lana: What message would you like your book to convey to readers?

Barbara: I would like women to know that they are special, that no-one has the right to abuse us or to treat us like dirt. It is time for the harsh treatments to stop. At the first signs of trouble, we should get out. We all have to love ourselves even if no one else does. I’m trying to get people to see that you don’t hurt the one that you love. I want women to know that they are not alone in the midst of the mess. I too, have been there, and I want to send a kind word of love, peace and all of my prayers over the air waves to them. I put myself out there to be an inspiration to all.

Lana: Do you think this book will help others in a similar situation?

Barbara: Yes. I know that it will. I’ve had women tell me that my book was an inspiration and that every woman should have a copy.

Lana: How many copies of the book have you sold so far?

Barbara: I’ve sold thirty copies so far. Because of my finance there is not much that I can do, but I’m working on it.

Lana: What do you hope to achieve by writing this book?

Barbara: I hope to put hope and peace into women’s lives where there is none. I want everyone to know that it shouldn’t matter who knows what they’re going through; they know. They are not alone. I pray that we all get back to the place in time where there is true peace and happiness.

Lana: What does your family feel about the contents of the book?

Barbara: Some of them have told me that it was really good. I asked one of them if she would have bought it knowing what was in it even if she had not known me. She said yes because there was a lot of good content in there to help many women’.

Lana: What are your plans for the future personal and professionally?

Barbara: I pray that God will bless me to be able to retire soon, whether it be that my books reach the top or by winning the lottery. I’m in the midst of writing another book, whether it be a part two or to add a little more spice to. The Lives of Abused and Battered Women’.

Lana: Barbara, where can we purchase your book?

Barbara: It can be purchased at,

Lana: Do you have any words of wisdom for our wise women readers?

Barbara: Love yourselves, never settle for less, never lower your standards for anyone, if they can’t come up to yours, don’t stoop to theirs. Always remember that you are the best of the best. We have to pray for each other for a change; I pray, you pray, we all pray

Lana: Thank you Barbara for your honest and emotional insight into your life and for writing a book to help other women cope with abuse. Best of luck with your book and let us know how it’s going.


If you are in an abusive relationship - you can get help. Contact Life Line Australia or similar organisations in your country.