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My World

 Children's Author           Travel Reporter

 Wise Woman Interview 
Join us as we interview Roslyn. You will learn all about how she changed from Accountant to Children's Author at the age of 50.  Be absolutely inspired.


Roslyn sets sail to Antarctica and also takes in Chile and Argentina.  If you have ever wanted to go, this story will have you drooling.

yn sets out on her Indian Adventure 
Roslyn and her mother set themselves an adventure.  They had booked themselves on an Indian adventure and this blog takes you from woe to go...... Roslyn's wonderfully descriptive writing will have you experiencing the whole journey confortably from your armchair.

ian Homestay 
Yes, that's right!  An Indian homestay on a Rubber and Spice Plantation.  If you want to know what that's like you must read this.

Ayurvedic Clinic Treatment 
Roslyn and Mumsy endure two amazing weeks of an Ay
urvedic Experience.  Roslyn has you there at every moment as you join her on this amazing process.  This story is fun, funny and enlightening.  A Must Read.

Mystic India
Roslyn takes us on mystic Indian journey.  She visits a Palm Reader (now this is really different) and true to form Roslyn forged on to get us the whole story despite her misgivings.  She decided to visit an Astrologer and a basic Palm Reader to saturate herself completely in the mysticism of India. Find out her predictions and how she finally immersed herself in music and ceremony


Roslyn discusses issues with Hairloss, prevention and what you can do to reverse the process. 

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